DPS at Presidential Talks: We Must Look Again At

“”I think you need to contact the voters again. Join the next parliament with our values, goals and suggestions for national priorities, not hatred.“Mustafa Karadai Said president Rumen Radev.

Before the movement of rights and freedoms (DPS) Entered for consultation with the Head of State, Karadai “I commented on my refusal to do so.”Continue to change“And that BSP..

“”He disregards the national constitution and system and refuses dialogue. “ Karadai Said.

After welcoming DPS Representative, lumen Radef That moment is “challenge“.

“”I don’t list all the crises, I just add one-the political oneRadef Said. He called on politicians not to allow Bulgaria to stay around Europe. According to the head of state, “Therefore, a more ambitious, unified and consistent foreign policy is needed.“.

“”The responsible attitude of your movement towards national peace is true and you have always sought dialogue. But Bulgaria expects all political parties to work equally in the fight against corruption.Your party is aware of the high stakes of this challengeRadef Said.

“”I look forward to a responsible job from the 47th Diet.I hope both parties will start a constructive dialoguepresident Said. but, Karadai He ruled out the possibility and said a new election was needed.

He said Government collapse “”It ’s the natural end of a policy based on lies and hatred.“.

“”The final coalition is not based on values ​​and policies, but on denials. Its entire activity was based on lies. The Diet tried to uncover the lie. The way we get out of the political crisis we are facing is also a prerequisite for finding solutions to other crises. It began with a successful vote of no confidence in the failed government, which refused to talk to the opposition in search of a solution to the crisis, but it was later revealed that a majority of the ruling parties refused to talk. rice field.Thus, we can’t find a solution to the crisisKaradai Said.

“”They called themselves “change” and wanted to suggest that it was normal practice to violate the Constitution and the law if done by the right people.Karadai Said.

“”We, the human rights and free movements, pursue a consistent policy. I have had many opportunities to share with you that I want to restore the normality of politics. We strongly support the fight against corruption and the rule of law.We need to restore democracy, nation and normality in politicsDPS A leader has been added.

“”Bulgaria needs to submit a recovery and sustainability plan and operational program as soon as possible. The budget had to be in line with them.There are no sustainability plans or operational programs at this timeKaradai Said. “”It is difficult to find that dialogue in this parliament because of the clear Euro Atlantic government in Bulgaria. We need to look again at voters in order to hold political parties a certain responsibility. Enter the next parliament with values, goals and suggestions regarding national priorities.Find Euro Atlantic Governance with Uniform ValueKaradai Said.

According to the movement, national priorities must now be energy and food security and independence.

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