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DPS Modern Indian School conducts webinar

The DPS Modern Indian School, led by the Qatar Branch Principals Forum, organized a webinar that brought together teachers from various schools to share teaching methods and best practices. The topic of the session was “Innovative and Best Practices in Grade I and II Education and Learning”.

Principal Asna Nafees spoke to the educator and shared her thoughts. Principal (IV) Sini Menon welcomed educators from various schools and introduced the topics and speakers of the day.
The first speaker, Diana Bastian, started with “activity-based learning” and shared a variety of activities to enhance student learning. She discussed the different methods, purposes, and benefits of “activity-based education.”
She also shed light on how such activities can help achieve various aspects of Bloom’s classification. She emphasized developing a well-planned daily lesson plan in line with the curriculum for subject integration, art integration, and norms established by the Central Committee for Secondary Education.
The second speaker, Mukti Goel, provided insights into education through “real-life experiences.” She covered the points – the benefits of starting a class with a “real life experience”, how to organize such situations in the class, the challenges faced by teachers, and the long-term impact on students learning through this methodology. Vice-principal (junior high school) Shifa Sheikh answered the question.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/706800/DPS-Modern-Indian-School-conducts-webinar DPS Modern Indian School conducts webinar

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