Draghi and Biden emphasize their commitment to peace at the White House-English

(ANSA)-May 11 Rome-Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi and US President Joe Biden said after a summit meeting on Tuesday, “Their continuation of pursuing peace by supporting Ukraine and imposing costs on Russia. Emphasized his commitment. “

“In the face of global economic challenges posed by Russia’s actions, they discussed measures aimed at promoting food security and reshaping the global energy market,” the White House said. The statement said.

“They promised to continue to cooperate on the global crisis from COVID-19 to climate change, and on common foreign policy challenges, including China and Libya.

“The leaders were looking forward to further discussions at the G7 and NATO summits in June.” Was given to Kib. In Draghi’s widespread coalition about the latter.

“The relations between the two countries have always been very strong, and if anything, this war in Ukraine has made them stronger,” Draghi told Biden, according to a statement from the Italian government.

“If Putin thought he could divide us, he failed.

There is no doubt about it.

“We condemn Ukraine’s invasion, sanction Russia, and cooperate in supporting Ukraine as President Zelensky wants us to do.

“In Italy and Europe, we must tell you that people want to put an end to these slaughter, this violence, and this slaughter that is happening.

“People are thinking about what we can do to bring peace.

“We certainly need to use direct / indirect channels, communication, but is that enough? What can we do?” People can bring a ceasefire and resume credible negotiations I want to at least think about sex. That is the current situation.

“I think we have to think deeply about how to deal with this.”


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