Draghi flies to Washington to meet Biden at the White House-English

(ANSA)-On May 9, Prime Minister Mario Draghi will fly to Washington on Monday and will meet US President Joe Biden at the White House on Tuesday.
“The conference will focus on coordinating with allies on measures to support the Ukrainian people and counter Russia’s injustice,” a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said.
“The two leaders also discuss good bilateral relations and emphasize the strength of transatlantic ties.
“We will work together to manage global challenges, from energy security to the fight against climate change, from economic recovery to the development of transatlantic security.” The two leaders also commented on regional issues and their preparations. To replace. June G7 and NATO Summit Meeting “.
Meanwhile, while worried about the policy of sending weapons to Ukraine to support defense from Russia, it is growing in Draghi’s broad coalition government, especially the Five Star Movement (M5S).
On Sunday, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said Italy “must support Ukraine and its troops for legal self-defense, but cannot consider the supply of weapons to attack Russia’s territory.” .. (ANSA).

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