Draghi says he’s not disappointed with the summit and sees gas progress-English

(ANSA)-Rome, June 24-Prime Minister Mario Draghi said on Friday that Ukraine was not disappointed with the outcome of the EU summit on efforts to curb soaring gas prices as a knock-on effect on Russia’s invasion.

Draghi has called on the EU to impose a cap on gas prices and reportedly promoted a special European summit on this issue in July.

However, EU sources said on Friday that there were “no plans” for such a summit.

“I’m not disappointed with this summit,” Draghi said at a press conference. “On the contrary, I didn’t expect the exact date to be set for a complete report on energy issues.

“Things are working, but probably not as fast as I expected.”

He said Russia could have an extraordinary summit if it took further action after it caused “immeasurable difficulties” in the EU by reducing its gas supply to Europe.

“Inflation, which was heavily dependent on energy, now depends on others as well, so we need to respond to energy prices immediately,” he said.

“These increases are widespread and are becoming (price) increases for other items.” (ANSA).

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