Drought Reveals WWII Bombs on Italy’s Po River

  • Reuters, BORGO VIRGILIO, Italy

The heat wave that swept across Europe this summer not only brought record high temperatures and scorched fields, but drought-hit Italy’s River Po saw water levels so low that the previously submerged second World War II bombs revealed.

Military experts have defused the detonation of a 450kg bomb found near the northern village of Borgo Virgilio, near the city of Mantua on July 25, and carried out a controlled detonation.

Colonel Marco Nasi said: “The bomb was discovered by fishermen on the banks of the Po River due to a drought-induced low water level.

Photo: Reuters

Removing the bomb was no easy task.

About 3,000 people living nearby have been evacuated for demolition work, the military said.

Airspace in the area has been closed, and traffic along its waterways, nearby rail lines and national highways has been halted.

Borgo Virgilio Mayor Francesco Aporti said: “At first, some residents said they would not move, but I think in the last few days we have been able to convince them all,” if people refuse to evict. added that the business would have been discontinued.

Bomb disposal engineers removed a fuse from a US-made device that the military said contained 240kg of explosives.

The bomb squad, escorted by police, then transported the device to a quarry in Medor, about 45 kilometers away, where it was destroyed.

Italy last month declared a state of emergency for the region around the Po River, the country’s longest river. It accounts for about a third of Italy’s agricultural production and is experiencing the worst drought in 70 years.

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