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Dubai Airport Chief says visitors to the Emirate are above pre-Covid levels

Paul Griffith, CEO of Dubai Airport, said Dubai Airport is currently experiencing pre-Covid numbers in terms of visits.

Talk to Richard Quest on CNN, Griffith said: “I think the pessimism of uncertainty we face must give way to the opportunism and optimism of recovery that we will follow. We put things to sleep. However, we remained fully prepared so that we could dive into the real world when traffic began to recover.

“And we saw 40% growth in the six weeks just before the peak of Christmas … on a point-to-point basis, 111% of them visited Dubai via the airport. It was precovid.”

Griffith also expects the Covid test at the airport to end soon. “The problem is that the testing regime is in history and I think it will be implemented soon, but what we believe is that there is a very strong recovery. And the latest virus strains are being addressed. In response, we need to urge the government to stop interfering with the common-sense health regulations that are currently emerging. “

The CEO remained optimistic about the sustainability of visitor numbers. “The good thing is that we have built confidence in Dubai as a destination. The actual multiplier effect of the traffic from and to the destination to the economy is very valuable, but because of its appeal, it is forwarded. What happened when the market came back? We are in a very strong position not only in this point-to-point market, but also in the sixth freedom and resumption of excellence. “

Last September, Griffith predicted that international visitors would more than double this year as Covid-19 deregulations and more trips through one of the world’s busiest hubs. ..

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Dubai International Airport regained its position as the world’s busiest international passenger airport in October last year, welcoming 20.7 million passengers in the first 10 months of 2021, recorded between January and September. The number of flight movements has reached 155,706.

https://gulfbusiness.com/dubai-airports-chief-says-visitors-to-the-emirate-surpassing-pre-covid-levels/ Dubai Airport Chief says visitors to the Emirate are above pre-Covid levels

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