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Dubai-based Sacha Jafri’s work, the first official artwork on the moon

The work of Dubai-based British artist Sacha Jafri will be the first official artwork to be placed on the Moon within NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) initiative.

Artwork called’We stand up with the light of the moon. “ It will be deployed on the Moon later this year, along with NASA’s scientific payload, along with other equipment and technologies from mission partners.

Jafri’s original artwork will be placed on the surface of Earth’s moons by two private space companies, Spacebit in the United Kingdom and Astrobotic Technology based in the United States. The latter extends the end-to-end delivery service for payloads to the moon.

This will be the first commercial lunar mission under the NASACLPS Initiative.

Lunar landing plate reveals Sacha Jafri

Spacebit and its partners use aerospace-grade gold-plated aluminum as the canvas for Jafri’s artwork, with full elasticity to withstand temperatures ranging from -173 ° C to + 123 ° C.

Meanwhile, the humanitarian side of the mission was put together by Serenian, a company specializing in the curation of space art.

From the sale of his work, Jafri has already raised over $ 140 million for charities around the world.

Sacha Jafri's original moon painting

In addition to Jafri’s original artwork, a series of Jafri Charitable-NFTs created directly from the artist’s original work will be launched along each stage of the mission. , Landing on the moon, and the heritage of the eternal artwork of the moon.

Jafri is also the world record holder for the largest number of open edition NFTs sold in less than a minute ($ 2 million worth of NFTs sold in 45 seconds).

“The placement of the heart artwork that landed on my moon aims to reconnect humanity to ourselves, each other, our Creator, and ultimately the” Soul of the Earth. ” As we embark on an exploration journey from our planet to the uninhabited moon with those intertwined in love, we reach a new understanding of unity and the resulting hope, “was recently announced at the US Pavilion.” The artwork Jaffli said. Expo2020 in Dubai. “We focus on the five pillars that enable humanity to prosper again: universality, consciousness, connection, empathy, and equality, with the same idea goal of creating a new vision of our world. Take it and stand up together. “

Last year, Jafri sold his 17,000-square-foot painting for Dhs 227,757,000 ($ 62m). The proceeds from the sale will be donated to several charities such as Dubai Cares, UNICEF, UNESCO and the Global Gift Foundation. ‘The picture titled’Mankind’s Journey “ Set a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest art canvas.

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