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Dubai-based Shelf Drilling chooses Riverbed

Riverbed | Aternity announces that Shelf Drilling, an offshore drilling company that provides shallow water services to the oil and gas industry, has implemented SaaS accelerators and SteelHead solutions. This allows drilling companies to remove the bandwidth limitations associated with VSAT links used to connect offshore rigs to mission-critical on-premises and cloud-based systems.

This solution helped Shelf Drilling streamline rig operations such as order processing, staff training, and operations management by reducing company intranet traffic by 95% while optimizing core applications by 80%.

Headquartered in Dubai, Shelf Drilling operates 30 rigs in eight countries, has 12 onshore locations, and has approximately 3,000 employees and contractors.

“Since satellite links are the primary means of connectivity, these rigs typically have low bandwidth of just 1-2 Mbps and high latency of up to 750 ms,” said Ian Clydesdale, IT Director of Shelf Drilling. Mr. explains. “As a result, some key applications, such as the JD Edwards ERP platform and operations management applications that generate purchase orders during the procurement process, require optimization to effectively manage data replication.”

Clydesdale said: “In addition, all normal management functions require shared access to large files, especially during major rig operations. Employee satisfaction is another aspect that is highly dependent on connectivity. Today, our staff are using bandwidth-intensive applications to stay in touch with their families and perform personal functions such as mobile banking. It is essential for us to promote this. is.”

To address these challenges, Clydesdale and his IT team have implemented Riverbed’s solution to improve performance by integrating with technologies such as Shelf Drilling’s VMware virtualization software, JD Edwards, and Microsoft 365.

Riverbed | Aternity allowed the company to achieve compression ratios of over 50% on 1.2 terabytes of email data. Performance monitoring traffic is also accelerating at an average monthly rate of 67%, and for the ERP suite, the company is experiencing a 95% reduction in database replication traffic and an 81% optimization.

In addition, Riverbed | Aternity streamlines data replication from offshore instances to virtual cloud environments.

Commenting on the successful partnership between Shelf Drilling and his organization, Riverbed’s META Regional Vice President Menami Gary | Aternity said: “Shelf Drilling was a groundbreaking project because it was the first organization to implement a SaaS acceleration solution in the Middle East. We are proud to offer virtually“ invisible ”technology. I have. This allows you to focus on end-customer revenue and value creation with minimal resources from your internal IT team. “

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https://gulfbusiness.com/dubai-based-shelf-drilling-selects-riverbed-aternity-to-accelerate-business-critical-applications/ Dubai-based Shelf Drilling chooses Riverbed

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