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Dubai ruler ordered ex-wife to pay $ 728 million

London: A British court on Tuesday ordered the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to pay more than US $ 728 million (£ 500 million) to his ex-wife, Princess Haya bint Hussein, in a divorce settlement. ..

CNN reported that this is one of the largest divorce settlements in history in the United Kingdom.

This figure covers the security costs of Princess Haya’s rest of life and the ongoing costs of the couple’s two children, Al Jari Rabin Tomohammed Bin Rashid Almaktoum and Shake Zayed Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Almaktoum. Will be used to pay US $ 333 (£ 251.5 million) within the next 3 months.

Judge Moore said in a written decision that the biggest threat facing Princess Haya and her children, Jarilla and Zayed, was “[Sheikh Mohammed] I am myself, not from an external source, “CNN reported.

This decision was made with reference to Shake’s “campaign” of intimidation given to Princess Haya, including “his ability to use Pegasus software available only to the government” and spy on the princess and her staff. did. It appeared in court documents in October.

Following the ruling, a spokesman for Sheikh Mohammed said he was always making sure his children were being fed.

“The court is currently making a financial decision and he has no intention of commenting further,” a spokesman said in a statement.

The divorce reconciliation marks the final stage of a long-standing battle between divorced couples.

https://www.siasat.com/divorce-settlement-dubai-ruler-ordered-to-pay-ex-wife-728-mn-2245736/ Dubai ruler ordered ex-wife to pay $ 728 million

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