Dublin Airport is the second most stressful airport in Europe, analysis suggests

Dublin Airport is Europe’s second most stressful airport, according to a new analysis of passenger reviews and tweets.

Legacy Communications’ Digital PR Hub ranking analyzes over 10,000 Flight Radar passenger reviews, 2,500 top tweets, and hours of delayed or canceled flight data to determine which airport offers the most stressful experience. I decided if it was likely.

Dublin was beaten only at London’s Heathrow Airport and won the top spot. Third place was Manchester Airport. Manchester Airport’s managing director recently resigned after a few weeks of travel turmoil and long queues similar to those seen in Dublin.

Dublin Airport also failed to reach the top 10 passenger satisfaction reviews for WiFi, baggage check-in and security, ranking 13th in the analysis.

Dublin was ranked 2nd in the social media analysis of negative emotions and 7th in the most lagging airport list.

Claire O’Grady of Legacy Communications said: goal. “

“The fact that Dublin and Manchester airports are very close to Heathrow in the rankings, despite their significantly lower annual passenger numbers, was a very interesting pattern in the data, especially listed in the top ten. Considering that the number of passengers at other airports is also significantly large. “

Airports across Europe have been attacked in recent months due to increased delays due to staff shortages as the travel industry is about to surge again following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Other airports ranked in the top 10 most stressful are Adolfos Ares Madrid-Barajas Airport in Spain, Frankfurt Ammain International Airport in Germany, Charles DeGor Airport in France, Gatwick Airport in the UK and Amsterdam Airport in the Netherlands. Skipole, Munich Airport. Istanbul Ataturk Airport in Germany and Turkey. Dublin Airport is the second most stressful airport in Europe, analysis suggests

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