During the pandemic, parents were at greatest risk

10. May 2022 7:20 Me Premium content

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The new approach to home offices initiated by Covid is welcomed as offering undeniable benefits. However, two years after the outbreak of the pandemic, business and labor market experts also recognize and discuss its shortcomings.

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One of them is the pressure on mental health for those who have spent a long time alone at home or have children who have difficulty balancing work and life.

Mental health and domestic violence are another phenomenon that professionals have exacerbated during a pandemic, this year. Via Bona Received an award in the excellent employer category. In applying for the prestigious National Award for Responsible and Fair Business from the Pontis Foundation, companies also worked to hire people in communities that were pushed to the limit.

“In the category of talented employers, this award is given to projects and activities that create fair and dignified conditions and opportunities for diverse employee groups in exceptional ways,” said Managing Director of the Slovak National Human Rights Center. As a director, this category told the Slovak audience. “When choosing a finalist, it’s primarily about finding the best, consistent, inclusive and inspiring results for others with a visible impact.”

A total of 5 companies have registered for this category of awards and have listed the activities and projects they undertook in 2021. This was down compared to the 11 nominations in 2020 and the 9 nominations in 2019, despite the one-week extension of the deadline. One of the reasons was the war in Ukraine that broke out near the end of the nomination process, said Lucia Víglašová, a spokesman for the Pontis Foundation.

“Many companies have prioritized other things related to the war, but that’s understandable,” said Víglašová, and given the situation, the organizers were very positive about the number of nominations.

Accenture, IKEA Bratislava and Passels Slovak companies Award It will be distributed in Bratislava on June 29th.

“This year’s finalists have won specific areas and topics,” says Porubbänová.

IKEA works on domestic violence through a synergistic and delicate approach, including research, campaigns, training and activities on domestic violence. Accenture focuses on full-fledged and sophisticated support for employee mental health and mental resilience. According to Porva Nova, Passel has contributed to the social inclusion of Rome from a disadvantage and is a valuable example for other companies.

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