During Vicky Ferrand’s night at Doonbeg’s “Bolthole,” she shares a stunning snap.

VICKY Phelan talked about how she was able to get down to her beautiful “bolthole” for a mini break.

A brave Cervical Check campaigner, 46, said the solo trip was “pure bliss” after returning to her “base.”


Vicky Phelan shared the latest information with his followers after returning home
She posted a stunning snapshot of the scenery


She posted a stunning snapshot of the scenery

She wrote on Instagram:

“That said, I met for lunch @randaddys I went to have a coffee in La Hinchi @mohercottage With my partner in crime / cancer @john__wall__ Take a walk along the Rahinchi prom and clean up the food.

“It was a little windy but it was a very nice afternoon so I stopped by the drive homes in White Strand and Dowmore Bay just to see the waves …

“Now, I’m back at the base, the stove is lit, and I’m about to run the bath. @boxdoras A great bath bomb before you fall in front of the TV and watch something on Netflix. That’s what I call a nice day. “

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Vicky also spent time with his friends last week Stephen Teap and John Walls, campaigners for Cervical Check.

Stephen, whose wife died of cervical cancer, recently filed a high court proceeding against two laboratories and HSE.

After having a meal with two friends, he posted a photo saying it was a “great day”.

Stephen wrote at the time:

Mostly read in the Irish sun

“Today is a wonderful day.”

John replied: “As a powerful meatloaf once said,’You got the word out of my mouth!'”

“I’m glad to see Buddy. I wore long pants today because I couldn’t compete with you.”

Three Irish activists have had a major impact on the fight for justice for cancer patients.

The two mothers, Irene Teap, were 35 years old when they died of cervical cancer on July 26, 2017.

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Mr. Teap of Co cork Suspects of misreporting two slides of his wife’s smear.

His sons also filed claims of neurological shock resulting from the death of their mother.


The two mothers said the trip was “pure bliss”

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fbq(‘track’, “PageView”); During Vicky Ferrand’s night at Doonbeg’s “Bolthole,” she shares a stunning snap.

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