Dust your passport: Brunei government does not relax more travel protocols

Bandar Seri Begawan – The government has announced a number of new protocols for air travel. This eliminates the need for travel greenlists and quarantine upon arrival in Brunei.

Minister of Interior at a press conference on Friday YB Pehin Dato Hj Awg Abu Bakar Hj Apong He said that different health protocols no longer exist based on the country of departure of the traveler, only the vaccination situation.

From May 6th New rule Will be enabled:

• All vaccinated travelers are allowed in and out of Brunei for non-essential trips. The Travel Green List will be cancelled.

• All travelers entering and leaving Brunei must be boosted with a third vaccination or have been given a second vaccination within the last three months.

• Travelers entering Brunei will not need to be quarantined as long as they get a negative ART result on arrival. You also need to run ART on the 2nd and 3rd days. Vaccinated travelers do not need a PCR test.

• Unvaccinated travelers can only enter Brunei if there is evidence of a medical exemption. You must take the ART on arrival and the PCR test on the third day. You also need to quarantine until you receive the PCR results.

• After May 15th, adolescents who are citizens or residents of Brunei will need to be encouraged to leave the country.

Previously, only travelers departing 11 “green list” countries You may enter Brunei for non-essential reasons.

The Minister of Interior explained why the Travel Green List was abolished and said that travelers from countries other than the Green List do not pose a high risk to the community.

“Given the effectiveness of ART testing in detecting active infections … Local statistics show that there is no difference in infection risk between countries arriving from countries on the Travel Green List and countries arriving from non-TGL countries. It shows that, “he said.

However, the land-sea border remains closed for non-essential travel, and the Brunei and Malaysian governments are still discussing this issue. Dust your passport: Brunei government does not relax more travel protocols

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