Dutch art exhibitions reflect ancient Chinese culture

Delft, The Netherlands, May 14 (Xinhua)-The Dutch city of Delft, famous for its blue pottery, will host an international exhibition of pottery artwork on Saturday in honor of ancient Chinese culture thousands of years ago. bottom.

The exhibition, entitled “Echoes of Magia Yao,” was created by a group of 14 artists from nine countries after returning from a residence project by Dutch artist Simon Hark on Magia Yao culture. A collection of dot pottery artwork. Northwestern China.

Magia Yao culture is located upstream of the Yellow River and its tributaries. With a history of over 5,000 years, it forms an important part of the origin of Chinese civilization.

Swedish archaeologist Johann Gunner Anderson first investigated these cultural sites in 1924. In the 1940s, the prominent Chinese archaeologist Xia Nai named the site Magia Yao culture.

At the launch ceremony, Delft Mayor Marjavan Bijsterveldt said, “We will confirm our ties with China in Delft, especially when it comes to ceramics.”

When porcelain arrived from China in the 17th century, Delft workers began experimenting with blue and white patterns. Today, Delft Blue has become a world-famous pottery with unique blue and white characteristics.

The Chinese ambassador said the exhibition began on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the Netherlands.

According to Tan, this exhibition provides an opportunity to appreciate the works of artists produced on Magia Yao’s site.

“Your work, inspired by the culture of Magia Yao, gives us a wonderful opportunity to understand and appreciate our ancestors, and gives a good example of a journey of time and intercultural dialogue between civilizations. “I will.” Said the ambassador.

The exhibition’s curator, Hark, told Xinhua that he wanted to convey the positive idea that art can connect people with different cultural backgrounds.

“We have different cultures, but the insides are all the same,” she said.

She said she was thrilled when she remembered visiting Magia Yao, the home of China’s first painted pottery, and noticed that people had touched clay that she touched more than 5,000 years ago.

Dutch painter and sculptor Saskia Pfelzer, who had exhibited works of art, told Xinhua that he had been to China many times over the past decade as a lover of Chinese culture and art. Told.

In addition to Magia Yao, Pfelzer visited Jingdezhen, the world-famous “porcelain capital” in Jiangxi Province, eastern China, where he made many Chinese friends and improved his craftsmanship. rice field. Dutch art exhibitions reflect ancient Chinese culture

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