€ 142 million voucher left 2 months before expiration

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Ljubljana – So far, Slovenes have used 76% of tourism vouchers issued in 2020 and 70% of 2021 vouchers available in a variety of disciplines. Both types of vouchers are valid until the end of June, with € 86 million still spent on tourism, € 56 million on tourism, culture and sports.

Since the introduction of tourism vouchers in the form of pandemic government assistance to the tourism sector on June 19, 2020, more than 1.6 million beneficiaries or nearly 80% will have some or all of the vouchers by May 2. Was used. ..

Adults received 200 euros and children received 50 euros and spent time at tourist facilities nationwide.

In total, € 272.64 million, or 76% of the available amount, has been redeemed.

The 2021 voucher has been used by 1.5 million people, or 75% of beneficiaries, to pay for accommodation, culture and sports services.

Since its introduction on July 16, 2021, 1.9 million vouchers worth € 130.91 million have been partially or fully monetized.

Adults received 100 euros and children received 50 euros.

Approximately 47% of vouchers were used to pay for restaurant bills, 34% for tourist accommodation, 12% for cultural events, buying books and school textbooks, and 7% for sports. € 142 million voucher left 2 months before expiration

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