€ 35 million from the Recovery and Resilience Fund for Digitization and Energy Efficiency Projects

Silvio Shemburi, Minister of Economy, the European Fund and Land, and Chris Bonnet, a member of the European Fund Parliament, have held councils with many social partners and associations on the Fund for Resilience and Resilience.

Malta’s Resilience and Resilience Plan (RRP) addresses the need for a strong and immediate recovery. Plan reforms and investments are aimed at making Malta more sustainable and resilient and better prepared for the challenges and opportunities of green and digital transitions.

The implementation of this € 316.4 million recovery plan is designed to have immediate impact, so all reforms and investments must be completed by August 2026. A total of € 35 million of these funds will be used for digitization-related projects. SMEs will receive € 5 million and projects related to the tourism and cultural sector will include € 10 million. 20 million euros will be used for planning to increase the energy efficiency of the building. These funds will be launched in the next few days.

Minister Shemburi said the private sector is the backbone of Malta’s economic development and has shown to be resilient during difficult pandemic years. “Therefore, discussions are underway with social partners to find out how to best use these funds for green and digitization projects. Over the past few years, companies have reduced energy consumption and accelerated digital. We’ve become more aware of the importance of digitalization than ever before. We’re migrating with new tools to make operations even more efficient. “

Minister Shemburi concluded by encouraging businesses and businesses to start thinking about investing in order to benefit from these funds.

Meanwhile, Parliamentarian Chris Bonnett has opted for the government not only to draft its own plans, but to consult with social partners and associations in advance to develop plans with all involved. Said.

“Before launching the scheme, we preferred to connect and share certain details with stakeholders and listen to their suggestions for the benefit of everyone,” Bonnett said. I did.

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