€1.5 million in cash and drugs

Greek police seized a total of €1,513,555 in cash and cocaine, cannabis and other drugs in the car and home of the 34-year-old former reality TV star who forced his car into the parking lot of an Athens court. Saturday morning.

The €1.2 million, mostly small banknotes, were found in the man’s suitcase in his car, and another €300,000 was subsequently recovered in a raid on the man’s home in the Ilioupol suburb of South Athens.

The photo below shows all the banknotes on the floor of the DEA hallway

Shortly after crashing into the parking lot of the Court of Appeals in Athens, a man who was on the Greek Idol show in 2010 went to police guards and declared that he wanted to hand himself over. There was a lot of money, drugs and explosives in his car.

Bomb disposal experts first scanned the vehicle for explosives. He was later picked up by drug enforcement officers who found about 1.2 million euros in his suitcase and a large amount of cocaine in the car.

A search of the man’s home in the Athens neighborhood of Ilioupol yielded an additional €300,000 and other incriminating evidence.

In total, the police spent €1,513,555 and $336, 275 grams of cocaine, 495.5 grams of processed and 0.7 grams of raw cannabis, 37.9 grams of meth, 131 tablets of ecstasy, 3 tablets of drugs, a car, a stun gun, and 267 pieces. of stun gun cartridges were seized. , 4 secure improvised nylon packages and 4 mobile phones.

The man was brought before a public prosecutor who ordered him admitted to a psychiatric clinic for evaluation.

Police are investigating the source of the money.

His lawyer told the media he would admit to being under the influence of drugs and said the money was not the product of an illegal trade.

“Money has nothing to do with drugs. It’s savings and family assets,” his lawyer said. Greece. €1.5 million in cash and drugs

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