€23 million state aid for factory specializing in pet food production in Kalei, Satumare – The Romania Journal

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REI, a group of companies specializing in attracting irredeemable loans in Romania, has successfully brokered an irredeemable financing project for Alconor Company SRL in Satumare County, which operates in the fields of beverage, food and pet food production and bottling. did.

Earlier this year, Alconor Company SRL, a traditional company in Satumare County, “Manufacturing of pet food preparations”with the activities of “Manufacture of non-alcoholic beverages, mineral water and other bottled water”has more than 23 years of experience at the national level and, supported by REI, has applied for State Aid regulated by GD 807/2014 and recently obtained a loan agreement from the Ministry of Finance.

The total investment exceeds 23 million euros, including: State aid of over €10 million, the investment project aims to expand the production capacity of existing pet food factories. The production plant is located in Kalei City, Satumare District.

We are pleased to have identified the best solution to support your investment projects through the state aid schemes regulated by GD 807/2014. Our team has made every effort to achieve the objectives, combined with the know-how brought by the REI consultants, to ensure that the project can be written and submitted without emotion and successfully obtained state aid. This is the first time we have used non-repayable support and other investments will surely follow. ” Norbert Varga, General Manager of Alconor Company SRL, said:

Expanding the pet food plant’s capacity will lead to an increased product portfolio and better coverage nationally and for export, said Alconor Company SRL representatives.

This investment means more jobs in Carei’s municipality and more money into local and state budgets. This is integral to the development of local communities and means involving small entrepreneurs and local agricultural producers through various partnerships, which ultimately translates to: It leads to profits for the company, the community, and beyond. It took a solid and integrated investment plan covering the entire project and a strong in-house team to meet the challenges, but we succeeded. It will not be easy, but given the intense competition in the industry, we are confident that in the near future we will be able to take further significant steps towards a more competitive and profitable Romanian manufacturing industry. .“, Added Norbert Varga.

The state aid scheme, regulated by GD 807/2014, has been one of the most popular and requested non-refundable support solutions in the REI portfolio over the past two years.

Companies in our portfolio quickly understood the alternatives to government-provided subsidies and the advantages such funding methods offered. This is investment oriented and a generous amount of 50% or even 60% of the total project amount. The process of creating and submitting a project for our client, Alconor Company SRL, was anything but easy. I have assigned a colleague dedicated to this project. The Alconor Company team provided the data and information needed to create the project. Finally, we got the money we all wanted. ”said Roxana Mircea, Managing Partner of REI. €23 million state aid for factory specializing in pet food production in Kalei, Satumare – The Romania Journal

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