Early music festival opens in Radovlica

Radovlica – The quaint town of Radovlica in the northwest of the country hosts the 40th Early Music Festival from August 5th to 23rd. This year’s festival will focus on music from the 16th century to his 20th century.

Soprano Amanda Forsyth, Violinist Bojan Cicic, Tenor Ako Alexander Biščević, Double Bassist David Sinclair, String Quartet Altemps, Renaissance Flutist Phaedrus, Ensemble Opera Prima, Vocal Ensemble fretwork viol consort.

Visitors can enjoy musical masterpieces by Handel, Bach, Orff, Schubert, Onslow, Purcell, Mozart, Pollini and Bellini. In total, he will feature 52 musicians from 15 countries.

Celebrating the anniversary of the music festival will be the focus of tonight’s concert, said Maria Kohler, president of the Radovlica Association of Early Music Lovers, who said a 12-member baroque orchestra will mark the occasion. told STA that it was organized

The concert will be conducted under the direction of the festival’s art director, Domen Marincic, who also teaches in Hamburg.

During the festival, the Radovljica Museum will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of composer Uroš Krek (1922-2008) by opening a memorial room.

Concerts will take place at the Radovljica Manor and St Peter’s Church, as well as the Church of the Annunciation in the nearby village of Velesovo. A free shuttle service operates from Ljubljana and Kranj.

Despite Covid restrictions, the festival was held in 2020 and 2021 and featured a full program. of people may be even more interested than before,” Kolar said.

Organizers hope the Radovljica festival won’t coincide with Brežice’s Seviqc Early Music Festival, which was moved from July to August both last year and this year.

Both festivals are the result of musician Klemen Lamofsch, who started the Early Music Festival in 1982, and are bound by a common history. Early music festival opens in Radovlica

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