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About Millionaire Match Affiliate Program

for more than ten years, Millionaire Match Affiliate Program is a wealthy and attractive men and women, CEOs, professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, supermodels, Hollywood celebrities, etc. We have served a highly exclusive elite clientele who are in demand. They are looking for affiliate dating partners for $2 per confirmed registration. Monthly membership fee actually paid by the user + $10 per paying member. Monthly membership fee actually paid by the user * 70% + $10 per paid member if the user paid in her Apple store or Google Play store. ($200 per male order). Their affiliate program is an easy-to-join system that allows a webmaster to earn monthly by promoting one or more sites within our diverse network.

Key Point millionaire match affiliate program

affiliate Key Point
Types of affiliate programs millionaire match affiliate program
commission Up to $200 per order, up to $2 per lead, up to $2000 per sale for VIP Concierge Services
Minimum payment $50
language English
payment method Check, PayPal, bank transfer, account credit
Official website home page

How to participate in Millionaire Match affiliate program

joining eden fantasy Affiliate program is a very easy task just follow the guidelines below.

  • first visit millionaire match affiliate program Affiliate program page.
  • of the website[参加またはサインアップ]Click the button.
  • Fill in all the required details like your name, email etc. Enter all data correctly.
  • Next Submit the form.
  • After approval millionaire match Log in to your team account and click on the website affiliate option.
  • It’s time to create and share your referral link
  • when someone signs up or registers an account millionaire match With your referral link, you can receive up to 50% commission on every completed transaction. Hurry up and join the program now.

Top Reasons Millionaire Match Affiliate Program

  • Partnering with trusted brands
  • Guaranteed timely payment
  • No technical experience required
  • Sophisticated conversion reporting

this is how you get paid

Up to $80 per order Earn up to $80 on each new order with our tiered payment plan. Revenue is based on total orders per day. In other words, the more orders you generate, the higher it will be.

Up to $2 per lead Cost per lead program pays up to $2 per lead lead We accept traffic from the following countries and regions: United States, Australia, Canada

Up to 10% of commission for all sub-partners The 2-tier program pays up to 10% of commission for all sub-partners. The more partners you bring, the more money you can make.

Up to $2,000 per sale of VIP CONCIERGE SERVICE.

#1 Service Provider Powering the World’s Billionaire Dating Sites

Online dating has proven to be one of the best business models online.As a Silicon Valley company they have been in the online dating business for over 21 years. Their affiliate program pays him one of the highest commissions available in the industry. They always design affiliate banners to suit the needs of their members. Some affiliate partners earn tens of thousands of dollars a month.


MillionaireMatch may provide general marketing guidelines on a millionaire date. However, it is up to the partner how they proceed with the promotion of the site. You can use any method of promotion as long as it is honest and legal.

MM concierge service?

They have launched a VIP Concierge Program and offer this service exclusively to Premium and Certified Millionaire™ members. The service allows members to go offline and enter the real world of dating.The concierge program offers the executive his matchmaking expert who connects you to quality singles across North America. . Please email the Concierge Manager for more information. [email protected] Or toll-free: 1-833-408-2593.

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