Earthquake swarms off the coast of Limassol

According to the Geological Survey of Japan, mild seismic events, also known as earthquake swarms, have continued since Saturday in the waters and terrain of Limasor.

Dozens of small seismic sequences with a maximum magnitude of 2.9 have been observed from the sea a few kilometers south of Yermasoyia to the land a few kilometers north of Ayios Athanasios.

“From the numerous earthquakes, seven were slightly felt by the residents of Limassol,” the announcement said.

Earthquakes are an unpredictable natural phenomenon and the consequences of current earthquake swarms cannot be predicted.

The Geological Survey Department said it is monitoring the herd, evaluating the data, and updating the Seismology Center’s website and Twitter account ( CY_earthquakes).

“The mass media will be updated through the department’s written announcement due to the large amount of seismic data to be processed,” he concluded. Earthquake swarms off the coast of Limassol

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