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EastMed Israel-US “skeptical” about Greek gas pipeline

A State Department spokesperson said Washington is “critically considering a new fossil fuel infrastructure project,” and the United States is preparing the region for a “clean energy shift.” Euro Africa and Euro Asia projects He added that he supports.

As currently planned, the pipeline will run across the Mediterranean from the offshore gas reserves of the Levant basin in Israel to Crete and mainland Greece in Greece, and to Italy. (Reuters)

The United States has expressed concern about the EastMed pipeline, a gas pipeline planned to transport Israeli fuel from the Eastern Mediterranean to Greece.

A spokesman for the State Department, who commented on the issue on condition of anonymity, told the Anador Agency on Friday that the Biden administration “guaranteeed that US support was not directed at carbon-intensive sources and would not lead to future stranded. We are critically considering a new fossil fuel infrastructure project to do so. ” An asset to accelerate the transition to clean energy. “

A spokeswoman listed a series of US-backed energy projects, including the EuroAfrica interconnector, and suggested the EuroAsia interconnector when asked about the EasMed pipeline.

A spokeswoman said both EuroAfrica and Eurasia projects “help not only connect key energy markets, but also prepare the region for a clean energy transition.”

The same is not said about East Med.

“We are supporting several existing projects that contribute to energy security and diversify our natural gas supply, which is much cheaper than the EastMed gas pipeline,” he said.

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Focus on renewable energy

On January 11, the United States officially supported East Med when the U.S. Embassy in Athens stated that the Biden administration was “shifting its focus to power interconnects capable of supporting both gas and renewable energies.” Withdrawn to.

Greece, Israel, and the Greek Cyprus administration will build a 1,900-kilometer (about 1,200 miles) natural gas pipeline in the eastern Mediterranean in 2020, connecting Israel, the Greek Cyprus administration, Crete, Greece, and finally Italy. I agreed. ..

Many experts have stated that if the pipeline passes through Turkey, the estimated natural gas transportation cost will be three times lower.

Ankara and Tel Aviv have expressed their willingness to negotiate such gas transport via Turkey, but the negotiations have not taken off.

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Source: AA

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