Easy installation of fiber optic connections


A joint decision by the Ministry of Digital Governance and the Ministry of Environment and Energy will facilitate the approval of fiber optic cable installations across the country.

Governments want to accelerate the number of fiber optic connections so that over 100 Mbps (megabits per second) and even gigabit connections become more common.

A joint ministerial decision sets out the conditions for making the construction of fiber optic network infrastructure a low-impact activity.

The new project will lay the groundwork for future fiber optic connections throughout the region, and work will no longer be piecemeal, eliminating the need to tear down roads multiple times.

The ministry also wants to make sure these projects are aligned with local government and utility projects.

Applications for fiber optic infrastructure projects will be able to be submitted online.

Unsurprisingly, telecommunications companies are making the biggest investments in fiber optic connectivity.

OTE will invest €3 billion by 2027, aiming for 3 million fiber optic connections to homes and businesses by then.

Nova-Wind will invest over €1.3 billion to develop fiber and 5G networks, while Vodafone will invest €600 million to connect 800,000 homes and businesses by 2024. Easy installation of fiber optic connections

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