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EC-OG’s “world’s first” underwater battery

EC-OG, an Aberdeen-based submarine battery developer, has made the first commercial distribution of the Halo submarine battery storage system.

The lithium-ion-based device will be part of the “World’s First Autonomous Offshore Sea Trial” in the first quarter of 2022 at the US Navy Wave Energy Test Site off Oahu, Hawaiian Islands.

EC-OG’s Halo system has been integrated into sea trials and is a leader in ocean energy systems, Columbia Power Technologies, Inc. (C-Power) is working with the US Department of the United States to demonstrate an autonomous offshore power system (AOPS). Energy, and companies such as Saab, BioSonics, and Franatech.

AOPS provides on-site power, energy storage, and real-time data and communication to enable autonomous, connected, resident offshore technology. The system is designed to support unattended offshore activities such as undersea vehicles, sensor packages and operating equipment.

Upon arriving at the Hawaii site, Halo will be fully integrated with C-Power’s SeaRAY wave energy converter as part of the AOPS system. EC-OG’s devices provide a submarine base unit and payload interfaces for power, data, and communication to multiple underwater payloads, ensuring continuous energy availability for remote underwater operations. I am saying.

Paul Slow Rack, EC-OG’s Director of Business Development said: “The EC-OG team is excited to export the first Halo unit to Hawaii and work with client C-Power and other project partners to participate in this innovative and world’s first demonstration project.

“This is an important project for the industry, demonstrating the integration of new underwater technologies of choice to provide reliable power and real-time horizon data communications. What we have learned from this project , Important for the development of the blue economy and the further decarbonization of global offshore projects. “

Designed for harsh underwater environments, the Halo system is a modular, scalable battery storage solution, a gateway for connecting renewable energy to high-value assets, and reliability primarily for undersea use. Provides a high uninterruptible power supply.

Reenst Lesemann, C-Power CEO added: “EC-OG’s Halo system is an ideal complement to C-Power’s wave energy converters. Combined, the ocean is a power dessert for customers ready to unleash the wave of innovation in the marine economy. Will change to an environment rich in power and data. ”

https://www.oedigital.com/news/493333-ec-og-s-subsea-battery-for-world-first-autonomous-offshore-power-trials-in-hawaii EC-OG’s “world’s first” underwater battery

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