Editorial: Taiwan Can Help NATO Against China

NATO leaders at the communiqué on Monday described China as a threat to “fields related to rule-based international order and alliance security,” demonstrating a major shift in organizational focus.

They said China was “rapidly expanding its nuclear arsenal,” “opaque” about military modernization, and “militarily cooperating with Russia.”

Following the NATO meeting in Brussels, U.S. President Joe Biden assures the alliance that the U.S. will respect NATO’s promises, and China and Russia seek to promote a wedge between Washington and its European allies. Said.

“I want all Europe to know that the United States is there. NATO is very important to us,” Biden said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also described Beijing as a threat, citing cooperation with Russia and a “cyber threat” dating back to China.

Comments from NATO leaders accused China of human rights abuses in Hong Kong and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region the day after G7 leaders met in the United Kingdom.

Taiwan’s opinion must be added to this increasingly united voice of China’s expansionism and China’s resistance to human rights abuses.

NATO Secretary-General Jason Stoltenberg said the alliance did not want a Cold War with China, but Beijing’s response to legitimate concerns of world leaders seems inevitable. ..

Instead of trying to productively communicate with world leaders about their concerns, China’s delegation to the European Union does not stand by when a “systematic challenge” approaches us, what? There is no such thing. “

“As an alliance, we need to work together on the challenges that the rise of China poses to our security,” Stoltenberg said.

NATO cites the establishment of a Chinese base in Africa and military cooperation with Russia as examples of such challenges, so its members should seek military cooperation with China’s neighbors, including Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. It appears to be.

Establishing a formal relationship with Taipei and refusing to accept Beijing’s “One China” policy would send a clear message-democratic states threaten them or foreign policy. I do not allow you to instruct.

Reuters news agency on Tuesday suggested that NATO leaders continue to recognize their investment in China, despite expressed concerns about China’s activities.

According to the report, Germany’s total trade with China last year exceeded US $ 257 billion, and US trade with China was US $ 559 billion. These extraordinary numbers should remind us of the need for democracy to reduce our economic dependence on China. Trade with China also carries significant risks, as Beijing often imposes unilateral trade restrictions on a whim for political reasons.

It is clear that Beijing is delusional, calling its growth “peaceful” and dismissing the opposite comments as “sneaky.” China has detained millions of ethnic minorities in internment camps, arrested them for publicly expressing people, launched cyberattacks on many countries, militarized islands in conflict areas, and with Taiwan. There is nothing wrong with constantly coercing and threatening its allies.

The growing participation of the United States in NATO and the shift of NATO’s focus to China are promising signs. Taiwan should continue to speak out about its importance in helping NATO achieve its goals and call for participation in the organization’s discussions.

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