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Autumn is deepening, and the spread of the new coronavirus is expected. Estonian schools will continue to conduct rapid tests in hopes of avoiding a full-scale shift to distance learning, Education and Research Minister Tonis Lucas said in a report on Estonian Public Broadcasting. error.

On September 1, it is inevitable that the new coronavirus will infect the students who gather in the school building again for the start of the new semester. To reduce the chances of spreading the virus, the Ministry of Education and Research plans to offer schools additional rapid coronavirus tests again.

«To achieve this, additional batches (of rapid tests) will be delivered to schools in August. Some (schools) will also conduct spring tests. If there is a virus outbreak, we are in a position to respond,” said Lukas.

Details on how to facilitate testing are left to the school’s own decision.

Lukas hopes next grade will be able to get around the strict restrictions on classroom-based learning.

Other factors, such as the reduced self-isolation time required for those who test positive for coronavirus, may also increase the likelihood of keeping schools open for as long as possible.

Schools are responsible for decisions regarding the need to wear masks during field and classroom activities. Whether it becomes part of the school culture, Lukas believes, is up to the school, as it cannot be enforced across the country.

The number of coronavirus cases in Estonia is higher than at the same time last year.

The head of the Health Commission’s Infectious Diseases Division believes this should not be a cause for undue vigilance.

To avoid possible outbreaks in schools, there are two recommendations for people preparing for the new school year. First, get vaccinated by the fall, and second, stay home if you have symptoms.

The education minister stressed that school guidelines may change before the start of the school year depending on how the situation develops. It means that it will not be implemented in a hurry like Education Minister: Estonian schools need contact learning – Baltic News Network

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