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Education ministry seeks public opinion on opening Saudi branch of foreign university

Okaz/Saudi Arabia Official Gazette

Jeddah — The Ministry of Education is seeking public views and input on rules for establishing branches of top foreign universities in Saudi Arabia, the Okaz/Saudi Gazette learned.

The move aims to further develop the Kingdom’s university education system and scientific research and diversify university education options while preserving the national identity of Saudi students.

The Ministry aims to provide educational programs that meet the requirements of development and community service within the framework of the University’s Education Policy and Strategy. There are 24 articles in the regulations governing the establishment of foreign university chapters in the Kingdom.

The most important of these provisions is the establishment of a Standing Committee to conduct investigations into requests for the establishment of branches of foreign universities. According to the article, the establishment of foreign university branches must be approved by the Cabinet. This is based on the recommendations of the Saudi Council on University Affairs, provided that the foreign university is one of academic excellence according to criteria determined by the council.

The regulations specified how an application for establishing a university branch and its legal representative, along with information about foreign universities, should be submitted to the Ministry. Relevant information about the university, such as its name. headquarters; date of establishment; specialties it serves. Aspects of its excellence. And other branches must be provided.

This information shall also include details of studies demonstrating the feasibility of establishing a chapter. statutes of university chapters; statements about its faculties, departments or institutions; research units, and scientific specialties. and proposed study start date.

A commitment is required to ensure the quality of all study programs offered at the university branch, as applied by the foreign university in its home country.

The University will also present a written pledge to provide a certificate from an accredited Engineering Institute of the Kingdom, demonstrating that the equipment and facilities of its chapters comply with the standards and requirements approved by the Kingdom for similar facilities. is needed. A university chapter must also fully comply with the purposes for which it was founded and the regulations in force in the Kingdom.

The Chair of the College Affairs Council may add other requirements or make exceptions to the requirements contained in this article. A university chapter’s bylaws must include the name of the chapter and its headquarters. The legal entity representing the branch. The council that governs the chapter, how it was formed, and the organizational structure. In addition, it shall include internal regulations stipulating academic affairs, educational affairs, educational systems, financial resources, etc.

The university request should also include information such as the start and end of the fiscal year. internal financial control mechanisms; rules to follow when a chapter voluntarily dissolves; Liquidation proceedings and the entity to which the funds go. A foreign university or its legal representative shall complete the legal procedures for establishing a branch legal entity within the Kingdom after approval of the Council of Ministers for its establishment.

The Ministry of Education shall issue licenses to the university chapters after ensuring that the necessary requirements have been met in accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws and its Executive Regulations. The ministry oversees university chapters and has the power to recommend approval of requests for legislative changes and submit them to the Council. The Ministry may recommend the establishment, abolition or merger of faculties and submit them to the Council. Must approve the appointments and changes of university chapter officers. The Department shall also approve the addition of academic programs for accreditation and the establishment of scientific events.

The first staff member of the University Chapter shall be responsible to the Chair of the Council on University Affairs.

The ministry determines the means of education in university chapters, and unless the recommendation approving the establishment of university chapters includes the provision of education in another language, it is approved in a foreign university. First language.

Academic certificates issued by a university branch to graduates must be issued and authenticated by a foreign university in the name of that branch. All employees of the University Chapter shall be subject to the Labor Law Regulations of the Kingdom and the University Chapter shall provide the necessary financial guarantees as determined by the Executive Regulations of the Regulations.

Regulations stipulated that college chapters should have annual budgets and that chapters should have regular financial registers in accordance with the accounting standards approved by the Kingdom. The annual financial statements of the University Branch shall be audited by an accredited external auditor operating in the Kingdom.

The Council on University Affairs, by its decisions, determines the fees (financial compensation) for issuing, renewing, amending, and adding to academic programs and other services offered to university chapters. The Council determines the rules of execution of the University Regulations and the necessary procedures and controls in this regard.

University chapters obtain institutional accreditation from the Saudi Education and Training Evaluation Commission and work to obtain programmatic accreditation from the commission or one of the institutions approved by the commission. A university chapter cannot cease its activities or change its articles of incorporation without the approval of the board of directors. In the event of a stagnation in the activities of the University Chapter, the Council reserves the right to take all decisions and actions necessary to enable the student to complete the course.

The regulations also provide for violations of the provisions and penalties for violations. The examination procedure shall be determined by the General Affairs Council. According to regulations, the Kingdom’s courts are the competent judicial authorities to settle disputes in which a university branch or one of its employees is a party.

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