Egypt-Greece-Cyprus Defense Minister Considers Sovereignty Concerns, Regional Security Cooperation

Concerns about unilateral actions that could violate the sovereignty, sovereignty and territorial integrity of any country in the wider eastern Mediterranean region were the most important of the five agenda items of the Defense Ministers of Cyprus, Greece and Egypt. Trilateral meeting on Monday.

In a post-meeting statement, Egyptian Defense Minister Mohammed Zaki, along with Cyprus and Greek counterparts Charalambos Petrides and Nikolaos Panagiotopros, all countries need to respect international law, the Charter of the United Nations and the Charter of the United Nations. Emphasized sex. The Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and all other related agreements.

According to the joint statement, the trio reviewed the progress of defense and security cooperation and thanked them for their joint achievements. They also reaffirm their common will and determination to further develop coordination, cooperation and joint efforts to enhance security and stability and support the creation of an environment in the Eastern Mediterranean that leads to people’s growth, well-being and prosperity. Did. Reported by Cyprus News Agency (CNA).

They also reviewed developments and prospects for security and strategic conditions in the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as tensions affecting security and stability in the wider region.

Ministers agree on a joint vision to support the continued strategic importance of the Eastern Mediterranean in the present and future of its portfolio of energy climate change and security, transportation lines and international maritime trade route security. did.

They also need to strengthen the security of energy supply, emphasize the importance of cooperation to provide additional sources of energy in Europe, and support collaborative and collaborative efforts in military and security. Recognized the mission and burden of security.

The three countries expressed deep concern about the recovery of terrorist organizations and their activities in the hotbeds of many conflicts and tensions in the Sahel in the Middle East and Africa.

At the same time, they agreed that all forms of smuggling, illegal immigration and trafficking still pose constant challenges.

“”The phenomenon of mercenaries, the movement of foreign fighters, and support for armed militias all constitute a dangerous threat to regional and international peace and security, imposing additional responsibility to cooperate and coordinate countermeasures against these challenges. “The CNA reported.

The Minister of Defense welcomes the efforts of his armed forces to implement a joint training program for the three services (Army-Navy-Air Force) and is friendly to these exercises, which represent the basis for coordination and capacity integration to strengthen. We welcomed the participation of the country. Regional peace, security and stability.

The statement further states that the three Defense Ministers will communicate, consult, exchange, evaluate and collaborate to meet the requirements for strengthening security, addressing the scale of military and security challenges and threats in the region. He said he had agreed to strengthen the coordination of efforts. And the interests of the three countries.

In a brief statement to the press, Petrides states that the three countries are enjoying a long-term, genuine relationship that has been strengthened not only in the areas of defense and security, but also in other areas such as energy and trade. rice field. He said today they had the opportunity to review these relationships and talk about recent developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East.

He also stated that all the goals and visions discussed at today’s conference will be achieved until the next conference in Greece in 2023.

The next trilateral meeting will be held in Greece in 2023. Egypt-Greece-Cyprus Defense Minister Considers Sovereignty Concerns, Regional Security Cooperation

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