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Egyptian Soprano Singer Bocelli-Jamir Laureate Laura Mehail Captivates Jeddah

RIYADH: American singer and songwriter John Legend performed at the Diriyah E-Prix on Saturday.

The famous artist has been credited with some of his most popular songs, including “All of Me,” which peaked on the Billboard 100 chart for three straight weeks, as well as “Green Light,” “Nervous,” and “All Night Long.” I played

“John Legend is one of my favorite artists, especially he’s an R&B singer and this is what I actually follow and listen to. Especially him,” said Saad Mohammed at the concert. told Arab News.

“I don’t want to brag, but I want you to be the best you’ve ever been, Riyadh…we’re going to have a good time, I promise,” Legend said.

Set against a backdrop of stunning visuals, the singer invited the audience to dance to the pop anthem “All She Wanna Do” and join the chorus of “All of Me.”

“You are so beautiful,” Legend told the audience.


• John Legend has performed with Egyptian singer Mohammed Hamaki and French Montana.

• DJ Dani Bogari from Saudi Arabia kicked off the night’s festivities.

Mohammed says he is very happy that he no longer has to travel abroad to experience live entertainment shows from big names like Legends and French Montana.

“Part of our culture is hospitality and being able to experience this with foreigners and expats makes me happy. And now we can finally do it.

Another audience member, Dalal Mohammed, said, “I came for John Legend. He sang my favorite song ‘All of Me!’ to be honest,” she said. excitedly told Arab News, describing the performance as a “dream”.

She was also happy to be able to attend concerts and other events within five minutes of her home without having to go abroad.

“I am happy that international singers come to know our culture and hospitality and to see a new Saudi,” she said.

Fatima Al-Atas, who is competing in Formula E for the second time, praised the event’s choice of music and artists.

“I’m a fan of John Legend. What’s great is that he’s a really good performer and he seemed to enjoy the show. It inspired us, so we has become more fun,” she told Arab News.

Legend performed alongside others, including Egyptian singer Mohammed Hamaki and Frenchman Montana, who took the stage to provide a setlist for Trap following Legend’s show.

“It’s my first time in Saudi Arabia since 2019, so let me introduce myself. Let’s go!” the Moroccan-American singer said onstage, opening the setlist with “All the Way Up.”

“Of course I came to Montana, France. My favorite song is ‘Unforgettable’ and I’m looking forward to hearing it,” Dubai-based Rana Baeshen told Arab News.

Baeshen originally came to experience the Riyadh Season and visit family. She also got the chance to see Montana live.

“The country is developing rapidly. I’m happy with what I’ve seen here tonight,” she said.

Saudi DJ Dani Bogari kicked off the night’s festivities, following racer Pascal Wehrlein’s victory.

Bogari told Arab News: It’s the first time I’ve ever performed on such a big stage and it’s an unbelievable feeling.

“I feel like there are a lot of opportunities for local talent. Today, being part of this experience, alongside John Legend and French Montana, all I can say to describe it is I don’t think so.”

Although his performance was far from the typical Afro-house sound, his beats complemented the headliner’s R&B performance and mixed more lyrical dance music into the set.

“Having a music culture means the country is growing in the right direction.

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