Eight still missing immigrants, three of whom have children

Search and rescue operations will continue south of Mykonos on Monday, as eight passengers aboard a sailing vessel carrying migrants are still missing. Among the missing people are three children. Six traffickers have been arrested.

According to local media, the still missing people are 3, 8, 15, 23, 24, 25, 27 and 50 years old.

So far, SAR operations have not yielded positive results.

The Coast Guard and private vessels that rushed to the area rescued a total of 108 people. Reported by KTG on sunday.その中には21人の子供、24人の女性、63人の男性がいました。

It was reportedly immigrants who called the Coast Guard emergency phone number and asked for help when the boat drifted from Mykonos to the southwest of Delos.

7 Due to the strong winds of Beaufort and the bad weather while the boat is leaking water, the Coast Guard Reportedly We decided to move the sailing vessel to Agios Georgios Island (Baos) so that passengers could safely land on the islet.

According to the media, no one wore a life jacket.

Among the rescued passengers were six traffickers arrested by the port authorities of Mikonos.

Passengers are reportedly mainly Afghanistan, Syrian and Egyptian.

Traffickers (3 Afghanistan, 2 Syrians, 1 Egyptian) are taken to Syros prosecutors.

Rescue refugees are transported from Mykonos to the Amigdaleza refugee center near Athens.

Also on Sunday, another sailing vessel carrying 56 immigrants was washed ashore in the bay of Rhodes.人々を安全にするために救助活動が開始されました。

The two incidents were also the reason why Turkey began to verbally attack Greece on immigration issues.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Greece of “killing women and children in the Aegean Sea.”

The Coast Guard Command complained that Greece did not allow migrants to reach Italy. Eight still missing immigrants, three of whom have children

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