Eight unknowns about the “Devanhi case” that the public prosecutor’s office must clear

The case of 18-year-old Debanhi Escobar, who went missing for 13 days before authorities found her body at the bottom of a motel cistern, remains a mystery 20 days after her death and a week after her body was found. ..

The public prosecutor’s office, squeezed by public opinion and media pressure, admitted a serious mistake in the investigation. Leading to the dismissal of two prosecutors involved in the case.. Television has contributed to the eerie sight of her last few hours. And new advances in the investigation couldn’t manage to solve the big unknowns surrounding her death on April 9.

The Devanhi case is a symbol of the disappearance and winding roads of Femicide victims to achieve justice in Mexico.

At its peak, there were attempts to blame Debanhi for sinking into a water tank. That night, her interview with her two friends and the driver who abandoned her on her road provided the headlines “She was drunk” and “She wasn’t the senses.” ..

Other sources suggest that the victim may have consumed some drug. And the local media elaborated on the reader’s investigation: “Do you think Devanhi Escobar’s death … murder, accident, happened because you didn’t know?”

These details, which do not provide relevant data on how young women died, distracted from the importance: the questions that must be answered and the public prosecutor’s office have not answered.

What Happened at Quinta El Diamante

Devanhi went to a party with two girls on the night of April 8th. One is her friend and the other is her acquaintances Yvonne and Sarai. The name has not been revealed. After going to at least three places, they end up in Quinta El Diamante. According to a friend’s testimony in an interview with Televisa Monterrey, they were with some boys they had previously met at the entrance to another party and three more boys she greeted on arrival. They stayed there until around 3:50 am.

At the front door, when they leave, “some people wanted to take Devanhi,” says a friend. They said they wanted to take her to her house, but they didn’t trust her. At 4am, they put Debanhi in David Cuéllar’s car. David Cuéllar is a Didi driver who numbered girls that night and offered several rides. Devanhi didn’t want them to accompany her, so her friend returned to her house in another car, she “wanted to be alone.” There is no more information about what happened, and who else might have approached Devanhi that night, except for what my friend gave me.

Whether to harass taxi drivers

Debanhi boarded David Cuéllar’s car in the passenger seat, according to security cameras taken a few meters away from the vehicle. Devanhi’s father, Mario Escobar, first accused Quera of harassing her daughter. That’s why the young woman got out of the car a few minutes later and was left alone on the road leading to Nuevo, he says. Laredo. Escobar mentioned some of the images he accessed to support this.

The The driver denied allegations of harassment In another interview, she pointed out that she had escaped “from her free will.” It was at that moment that Quera took a picture of her, which became a symbol of her cause. She was alone, hanging her skirt down to her ankles, her Converse, no black mask anywhere. Authorities acknowledged Cuéllar’s cooperation in the investigation and ruled out the crime.

What happened at the shipping company

In a video released this Wednesday by the public prosecutor’s office, a young woman is seen walking down the road to the first open place she finds along the way, the transport company Arcosa. There, security cameras at the facility are filming her crossing the road looking at her surveillance post at 4:29 am. The public prosecutor’s office initially indicated that a young woman had joined the company, but this second article on the progress of the investigation shows that from that moment on, her records were gone inside her.

Why did she run when she entered the Nueva Castilla motel?

Five minutes later, on the same sidewalk, a camera from Nueva Castilla Motel will take a picture of Devanhi running as he enters the premises. It was 4:35 am. This mixed building location had a restaurant to the right of the entrance, an abandoned circular structure, facing a garden area with a pool, and a water tank nearby. It’s amazing how a young woman runs through main access without having to capture anyone other than her. Was she running away from something or someone? Was she trying to hide from her? Authorities have not answered this question.

It is important to note that the public prosecutor’s office initially indicated that the facility had no security camera records. And this week, they showed for the first time that it wasn’t true. It is strange that only the security camera that registered the image of Devanhi belongs to the abandoned restaurant that night. There are no traces of images of the motel reception camera, which was in regular operation, or of other spaces in the enclosure. In an interview with Mirenio, Griselda Nunez, head of the Femicide Public Prosecutor’s Office, said she “found a new camera that could leave a record.” But they don’t provide more information about it.

Why is she in an abandoned restaurant

Security cameras at the same restaurant show how Debanhi looks at the abandoned restaurant at 4:36 am. After that, it was not explained if he went to the motel reception. Only that same camera captures her from a distance until 4:56 am near her obsolete area. There is a wall between the restaurant façade and the pool (where the water tank is located). Authorities do not explain how she crossed the yard without passing through the premises. Also, they have not unraveled the mystery of what she was looking for in her abandoned corner. And if she was elsewhere in the motel, it would be the key to revealing her death.

Why didn’t you find the body in 4 searches?

Devanhi’s body was found in the motel’s water tank on April 21, after authorities searched the premises at least four times. And there was always a few meters from the last point where young women were seen alive, and where search group raids were organized for 13 days. The only answer from the public prosecutor’s office to this question is that they are investigating the omissions of officials and hold those involved in this type of negligence accountable. The first two, the kidnapping prevention officer and the missing person officer, have already been dismissed.

They also do not explain the possibility that the workers at the site were unaware until more than a week after the corpse. Also, there were no witnesses even on surveillance (24 hours at this facility) that saw a young woman or someone else that night.

Why did they lie about motel security cameras?

One of the major unsolved issues is the role of motels in the Debanhi case. It was the public prosecutor’s office that if they hid information about camera records from the beginning, or requested and did not protect them. If the record is deleted or some video is edited between the time the young woman died and the time she was discovered, there is no information about the rest of the cameras. Also, there are no criminal detainees who could interfere with the judiciary.

How did she get to the bottom of the cistern?

The hypothesis in this regard has been the most controversial these days. Initially, the public prosecutor’s office suggested that a young woman fell alone into a cistern without explaining whether the water tank was open. Before Devanhi’s death, there is an aerial photograph showing the lid. The theory of this accident caused a storm of criticism, including that of the family itself. Shortly thereafter, they explained that the cause of her death was “a deep contusion of the skull.”

What they do not specify, and what is important, is whether this blow occurred before or after the fall or being thrown into the cistern. Nor was it a blow if someone else caused it, or when it fell. The investigation leads directly to femicide, as there are few autopsy data and no mention of whether sexual abuse was detected.

After seeing El Pais, a forensic doctor with decades of experience, he explains that sexually abused injuries do not go away in the body after being submerged for more than 10 days. According to forensic medicine, postmortem tissue regeneration is not possible and can be analyzed.

Written by Helen Queen and originally published El País

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