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Elderly women left to protect their children

Hyderabad: The word mother evokes an image of unconditional love, tenderness, and selflessness in caring for children. Children cannot survive unless the mother provides such selfless care to the child during infancy. All societies value their mothers.

Unfortunately, however, adult children may abandon their old mothers to protect themselves.

People in the Pedapari district witnessed such a tragic sight when a 90-year-old woman was left in a deserted hut with a plastic cover near the grounds of a government junior college.

MS Education Academy

The woman lived in the cold for three days without food or water, but finally people noticed her with her constant crying.

People have moved this older woman to the “Ski Center”. Due to her hunger and thirst, the woman was in a pitiful state and could hardly speak due to her weakness.

She informed her that her name was Madhuna Amma and she had three sons and two daughters.

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