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Election rally canceled as India sees a surge in Omicron

The election rally was canceled yesterday in central India. Authorities resented the sudden surge in Covid caused by a variant of Omicron, which was confirmed to be nearly three times more infected in two days.
In a vote in Uttar Pradesh next month, more than 200 million people gathered and a large number of people held a campaign event as a pillar in support of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
Prime Minister Narendra Modi cut the ribbon of infrastructure projects across major cities and participated in Hindu religious ceremonies to boost the provincial government’s outlook. However, some political parties have canceled public campaigns as some cities have imposed a curfew on the coronavirus and health experts have warned of an increase in exponential infections.
“All party rallies have been canceled due to concerns over the rise in the Covid case,” Opposition Parliamentary spokesman Ashok Singh told AFP. Another opposition group said the BJP switched to a virtual campaign on Thursday when it canceled a rally in Noida, the satellite city of New Delhi, a series of new incidents.
Party spokesman Manish Shukla denied that the virus was the reason for canceling the Noida event-Prime Minister Yogi Adityanas, considered the successor to Modi, was to appear. “It was canceled for other technical reasons,” he told AFP without giving details.
However, recent elections have raised concerns in several quarters of the BJP.
“We impose a curfew and call (hundreds of thousands) people at rallies during the day, which is beyond the general public’s understanding,” party lawmaker Varun Gandhi tweeted last week. .. Last year, more than 200,000 people across India died in a huge spring virus wave that struck hospitals and crematoriums. This outbreak was also due to an infectious disease that was widespread throughout the election rally.
Delhi’s Prime Minister Albind Keziwar announced earlier this week that he tested positive for Covid a few days after attending a campaign event in the city of Chandigarh’s local elections. Health experts advising the government say that a variant of Omicron (first detected in India five weeks ago) is causing a massive surge in urban areas. “There is no room for complacency,” VK Paul, a doctor working with the government on the response to the coronavirus, said at a press conference Wednesday. “The system is overwhelmed and your home is overwhelmed.”
India recorded more than 90,000 new infections overnight, while financial capital Mumbai recorded the highest number of days ever in a pandemic. In Amritsar, a Sikh sanctuary near the Pakistani border, 125 passengers were positive on arrival on charter flights from Italy, local media reported.
Delhi has ordered all residents except key workers to stay home this weekend. According to government data, India began vaccination of people aged 15-18 on Monday, with more than 12 million newly eligible teens receiving the first vaccination in the first three days.

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