Election Reform, Biden’s Line: This Week’s Press Conference

president Lopez Obrador was in Veracruz and San Luis Potosí last weekend checking out the new highway. He returned to Mexico City on Sunday to celebrate his son’s 15th birthday.


Journalists began asking questions in the words of the former US President.Speaking at the rally, Donald Trump had AMLO’s government said it was folded into immigration negotiationsBefore adding it, even though he is a socialist, he tabas queño..

“He’s a capitalist, but I like President Trump,” he replied.

“The truth is that we understood each other and it was good for both countries … We do not allow any political party or candidate in the United States to use Mexico as Mexico. Pinata“He insisted.

In allegations that his predecessor ordered Pemex’s then CEO to bribe his political opponents, the president said he was the wrong person to ask. Later in the meeting, he celebrated Emmanuel Macron’s election victory in France, where voters said they chose freedom, equality and friendship.

However, the president was more interested in home voters and their notebooks. He said a new plan to curb inflation is approaching. Inflation reached 7.72% in the first half of April, well above the Bank of Mexico’s target of 3%.


“Fortunately, the situation is better now that the pandemic is almost complete,” he declared, adding that Tuesday’s health updates will focus more on government health reforms.

Deputy Health Minister Hugo Lopez Gatel has released a table of the 30 countries with the worst COVID-19 deaths. Mexico was 28th.

was The latest information on educational reformIt provided a short-term rant platform by the properly named Marx Arriaga, Director of Materials for the Ministry of Education.

At a meeting on Tuesday, Marx Aliaga, director of education materials at the Ministry of Education, discussed educational reform. Presidenciadela República

“I am hundreds of this meritocracy, discriminatory, patriarchal, racist, competitive, Eurocentric, colonial, inhumane, classist neo-liberalist. I was able to point out social problems. [educational] A model has been generated, “he said.

Regarding the possibility that billionaire Elon Musk will buy Twitter, the president said he thought it would help liberate the platform. “Hopefully they clean it up of the rot, bot-operated there … [hopefully] There is no censorship so that we have alternative sources of information and that everyone can communicate, “he said.

The president confirmed that he would talk to US President Joe Biden on the phone on Friday, but admitted that he still didn’t know what they were talking about.


Government media expert Elizabeth Garcia Birchis has published her regular “Who is this week’s lie” section.She said the recently opened Felipe was a lie Angeles Airport was empty and actually had 6 flights a day. For comparison, the busiest major airport in Mexico City in Latin America processed more than 500 departures on Wednesday.

Garcia reiterated the claim that the Maya Train project is not harmful to the environment, adding: “There are ecocides that pseudo-environmentists don’t want to see. They just want to protest the Maya Train.”

The president says the government’s plan to keep prices down Limit the cost of 25 basic products “May the most humble people not suffer and they are guaranteed the basics at a fair price,” he added, adding that most producers, distributors and stores are involved in the plan.

On environmental issues, the president has released an international carbon emission chart. Mexico ranked 42nd, just a spot compared to China, which emitted three times as much carbon as India, the second worst country.


Deputy Security Minister Ricardo Mejía Berdeja has published a “Zero Disclaimer” section on crime. He elaborated on some of the suspects arrested. He was deported.

Interior Minister Adan August Lopez has revealed details of the election reforms set for parliament. Constitutional bill dissolves National Election Institute (INE) Replace it with directly elected institutions, reduce public funding for political parties, relax campaign rules, reduce the number of federal and local parliamentarians, and introduce electronic voting.

“We have no intention of imposing a single party. We want the country to have genuine true democracy and end fraudulent elections,” the president said of the bill.

On Thursday, Interior Minister Adan August Lopez talked about the proposed election reforms.
On Thursday, Interior Minister Adan August Lopez talked about the proposed election reforms. Presidenciadela República

“In this world, in this era of technological development, we can’t be … simple, agile, free, secure, and unable to create secret mechanisms,” he added of the electronic voting system. I did.

Lopez Obrador Thanked them for extending the meeting to get members out of his Morena party Recent nationalization of lithium And encourage support for election bills that could threaten some of their livelihoods. “Mexico’s transformation will live long. The agent will live long. Mexico will live long!” He exclaimed.


The meeting was broadcast from Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo. Governor Carlos Hoakin said tourists in the state had returned after the COVID-19 pandemic had subsided, but he complained. Troublesome sargassum — — Seaweed that gives off a foul odor when decomposed — Arrived at the beach.

The Navy Minister confirmed that the Navy had collected 97 tonnes of sargassum and saved tourists from annoying stinks.

In the second half of the meeting Lopez Obrador Rep. Morena said, “President! President!” At the Interior Minister.

He reiterated the guarantee that the party’s president-elect candidate would be determined by a public inquiry.

“Not only that … [Interior Minister] Adan, … [Mexico City Mayor] Claudia Scheinbaum is one of the best, balanced and honest people.I can say the same [Foreign Minister] “Marcelo Evlad,” said the president before mocking the lack of obvious candidates for the opposition.

To conclude another week’s meeting, Joaquin and AMLO headed for an emotionally conflicting sandwich. I think that’s what we call it, “said the governor.

The president was suspicious.

Hoakin remembered, “Happy shrimp,” and corrected himself.

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