Election reform is a retreat of democracy and warns the president

Election reforms proposed by President Lopez Obrador will hinder Mexico’s democracy, the director of the National Election Institute (INE) said Friday.

Lopez Obrador sent to the House of Representatives last Thursday Constitutional amendment bill Dissolve INE and An organization that is directly elected with little funding.

It will also reduce public funding for political parties, relax campaign rules, reduce the number of federal and state parliamentarians, and introduce electronic voting.

The reforms that Lopez Obrador says will generate enormous savings, as he is trying to change the constitution, will require the support of two-thirds of the members to pass parliament. The ruling Morena party and its allies have a majority in both houses, but neither has a majority, so it is unlikely that the bill will be approved in its current form.

INE President Jorge Lorenzo is a threat to democracy as the proposed reforms are accompanied by a “regression of democracy,” he told reporters at an event in Mexico City last Friday. Said.

He acknowledged that the rules governing Mexican elections could be improved, but argued that the current system is an international example of how to guarantee democratic certainty.

Legislators who support the bill without even trying to change the comma will hinder the country’s transition to democracy, Cordova said.

This transition, claimed by many scholars, was completed in 2000, when the National Action Party gained control of the federal government after more than 70 years of uninterrupted institutional revolutionary rule.

Cordova said the election changes over the last three decades have been made in response to common needs and problems. He said there was consensus on how to address these needs and tackle these issues, but suggests that there is currently no such agreement between national political parties.

Lopez Obrador, INE’s candid critic Collided with the chief “We have no intention of imposing a single party,” he said several times on Thursday in the proposed reforms. “What we want is that the country has genuine true democracy and electoral fraud. It’s about ending. “

However, Cordova said the electoral system, given that one of the country’s most trusted institutions, INE, has organized more than 300 elections that guarantee citizens the right to freely choose political representatives. I questioned the need to renew.

In the report from Infobae Election reform is a retreat of democracy and warns the president

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