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Electricity charges reviewed monthly

hyderabad: Domestic electricity prices may rise at any time, as do petrol and diesel prices, from fiscal year 2023. The Telangana State Electricity Regulatory Commission (TSERC) issued a draft order on Wednesday. You are given complete freedom to raise electricity prices without obtaining state government approval.

Pursuant to the order of the Central Power Authority, the State Power Management Board has issued the 2022 Amendment 2nd Order. It has become clear that the electricity rate revision guidelines announced earlier have been revised for the second time.

Discom collects Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA) once a year in the form of an invoice. As a result, more financial burdens are placed on the public. The central government also recently ordered states to revise their monthly electricity tariffs. Discom purchases electricity daily from the Indian Energy Exchange at a price of approximately Rs 3 to Rs 12 per unit where the load is collected through monthly bills.

ERC Governor Sri Ranga Rao said an amendment order would have to be issued to implement the changes. This is important in knowing what an FCA is. Many power plants purchase electricity daily from the Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) to supply electricity to the public. Therefore, a fixed rate is paid for each unit of electricity. This price is the amount used to purchase coal, gasoline, diesel and other raw materials needed to generate electricity and pay employees in thermal power plants. Based on this cost, the power plant determines the average cost per unit. If the cost goes up here, FCA can charge 30 Paise per car from the public each month through the electricity bill. However, if it exceeds 30 paisa per mouthful, we are instructed to obtain permission from the committee first.

Until November 30, permission to revise electricity tariffs had to be obtained from the state government and a proposal for an electricity tariff increase had to be submitted to the ERC.

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