Electronic tickets available to visitors to the Samaria Valley

Visitors to the Samaria Valley, one of Crete’s top natural attractions in the Chania region, can buy tickets electronically from the website ticket ( or with a valley card. You will be able to pay the entrance fee. Entrance.

Not only does it make it easier for visitors to plan ahead, but the electronic system also allows revenue from admission (approximately € 700,000 per year) to be directed directly to the Natural Environment and Climate Change Agency (NECCA). NECCA uses these funds to protect and promote the site.

The Samaria Valley is the only natural monument in Greece, with 150,000 visitors paying admission annually and paying admission since 1990.

Until last year, the proceeds were processed by the Chania Forestry Department and paid to the Green Fund. The Green Fund distributed 30% of its money to three municipalities adjacent to the canyon.

Under the new system, NECCA will be responsible for distributing a portion of the revenue to the local government, which will need to report to the agency how to use the funds for the benefit of the site.

General admission to the Samaria Valley is € 5, but exemption for children under 5 years old, European Union citizens up to 18 years old, senior citizens, wheelchair users and their companions, EU students, unemployed and researchers. increase. ――――[kathimerini] Electronic tickets available to visitors to the Samaria Valley

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