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eMAG has appointed Daniel Spiridon as CEO of the company’s Hungarian branch effective September 1st. Daniel Spiridon played a key role in completing the merger of eMAG with Extreme Digital. This will allow Hungarian customers to access millions of products from his 4 single platform, and eMAG app.

eMAG has an ongoing investment of 785 million Lei over the next two years. The plan also includes a new warehouse in Dunaharaszti near Budapest, an investment of €100 million due to be completed early next year. With this, we aim to provide our customers with fast shipping services and access to a wide variety of products in all categories.

eMAG currently has over 2 million customers in Hungary, benefiting from an infrastructure of over 600 Easybox units. eMAG Hungary is the largest Romanian company in Hungary and ranks first in online trading. His eMAG Marketplace platform in Hungary is part of this ecosystem, where over 2,000 Romanian entrepreneurs grow and develop their businesses.

“We have set out to build the strongest regional e-commerce ecosystem and have reached an important milestone in this process through the merger of eMAG and Extreme Digital. It will allow us to offer a wider range of products and improved services.Since December 2021, Daniel and his team have been working to complete this merger and strengthen our strategic direction. Fostering collaboration between the Bulgarian and Romanian teams, having worked closely with the Hungarian team over the past year, I congratulate him on his new position and continue to lead us to success in Romania. We are confident that we will build worthwhile projects for our customers, imbued with the same vision.” eMAG CEO Tudor Manea said:

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to this build as we aim to continue to provide our customers across the region with superior services and solutions to help them navigate this uncertain time. We can help entrepreneurs thrive in the new economic climate and grow with the help of the eMAG Marketplace.” Daniel Spiridon, CEO of eMAG Hungary, said:

Daniel Spiridon joins the eMAG team in 2021 as Vice President of Business Development and Strategy after more than 15 years of experience at strategic management consulting firm McKinsey. From the position of Regional Coordinator for Telecom, Media and Technology Teams to Head of Central and Eastern Europe. eMAG Hungary appoints new CEO after merger with Extreme Digital – The Romania Journal

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