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Embassy of India Hosts “Carroll’s Evening”

Kuwait’s Indian Ambassador Shibi George participates in cutting cakes during the ceremony.

Kuwait: To celebrate the Christmas and New Year festivals, the Indian Embassy in Kuwait hosted “Carol’s Evening” on Monday. This is a Kuwaiti Indian music ensemble, beautifully presented by the Kuwaiti Chamber Choir. The embassy team, led by Ambassador Shibi George and his spouse Joyce Shibi, joins the ambassador of Kuwait, the spouse and family of diplomats, and the Indian community to create a unique and diverse cultural tradition and festival in India. A fun celebration was held. The synchronized sounds of Christmas carols loved from all over the world and the patriotic songs of India filled the air with the joy and cheers that symbolized the time of the festival.

In the opening remarks, the ambassador said: “In Kuwait, like all other parts of the world, we come across a large number of Indians from all over India. They are a symbol of India’s unity in diversity. We come from different parts of India. We speak hundreds of languages, follow different beliefs, celebrate different festivals, eat different foods and wear different clothes, but we have a sense of unity, a common consciousness and a bond of civilization. Keep us together and be proud of us all as Indians, “he said.

In India, we celebrate all festivals, whether Onam or Bishaki, Holy or Dussehra, Diwali or Raksha Bandhan, Christmas or Easter, Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha. All of this is celebrated as an Indian festival and is celebrated by everyone, “he said.

“This unification of diversity is something that very few countries in the world can be proud of. When welcoming you to this Carroll evening today, I proudly give you that ancient land of India, All major religions and cultures prosper and prosper in ancient times, but bring a continuous greeting from civilization, “said the ambassador. In last year’s Christmas message, the ambassador said, “Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope this festival will help foster peace and prosperity and deepen the harmony of society. Following the teachings of Christ’s love, compassion and charity, our ambassador Let’s devote ourselves to the welfare of society and the country. “

He also said in his Christmas message, “Merry Christmas! We remember the noble thoughts of Jesus Christ with great joy. He symbolizes the spirit of service and compassion and relieves human suffering. His teachings have inspired millions of people around the world, “he added. The event was also livestreamed on social media and was watched by a large audience.

https://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/indian-embassy-hosts-evening-of-carols/ Embassy of India Hosts “Carroll’s Evening”

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