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Hotels and restaurants have added about 13,000 employees, and social welfare, non-school education and health facilities each have about 4,000 employees.

  • Crystal Sue / Staff Reporter

The number of employees in the industrial and services sector increased by 0.36% month-on-month in August as the employment market began to recover from the outbreak of local COVID-19, but has not yet fully recovered, Directorate General of Budget, Executive Yuan. , Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS) said yesterday.

Data show that services companies have resumed normal operations, adding about 30,000 jobs in August and increasing the total number of employees to 8.09 million, said Chen Hui, Deputy Director of DGBAS. -hsin said at a press conference in Taipei.

The reduction in the number of local COVID-19 infections has allowed hospitality, recreation, and non-school educational facilities to reduce capacity and resume operations, Chen said.

Photo: Claire Chen, Taipei Times

“The situation is improving, but we are still lagging behind before the Level 3 COVID-19 alert came into effect in May,” she said.

Hotels and restaurants added about 13,000 employees to salaries, and non-school education, social welfare and health facilities each employed about 4,000 employees, she added.

The enrollment rate (the number of new hires added to salary) increased 0.24 percentage points to 3.04 percent, and the exit rate increased 0.41 percentage points to 2.68 percent.

The government maintains some restrictions, including closing nightclubs, dancehalls, and entertainment venues where people are unable to maintain social distance, despite only two community outbreaks reported this month. ..

Meanwhile, rising wages also helped the employment market recover.

According to the report, the national average take-out wage in August was NT $ 43,227 (US $ 1,536), up 0.76%.

Chen said the pace of increase was the fastest since 2008, after hotels and restaurants raised employee compensation by 5.42%, leisure and entertainment companies raised wages by 5%, and other service providers raised by an average of 3.31%. Said.

However, after the electronic components supplier issued a mid-year bonus in July, total monthly salary, including overtime and commission-based income, fell 7.58% month-on-month to NT $ 51,169, boosting the comparison base, the report said. ing.

Manufacturers of notebook computers and optics have opted to pay a mid-year bonus in August, showing an increase in employee monthly salaries of 19.06 percent.

In the first eight months of the year, average takeaway wages across the country were NT $ 42,990, up 1.78% year-on-year, and total compensation was NT $ 57,579, up 2.41%, according to the report.

It showed that the real profit of total wages after taking inflation into account was 0.15 percent.

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