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Enabling green technology innovation for a sustainable future

Global technology brand OPPO recently unveiled its latest flagship, the OPPO Reno8 series, at the Green Planet in Dubai. The Green Planet is the only indoor rainforest in the Middle East with over 3,000 species of plants, animals and birds. .

Adopting optimal solutions based on eco-innovation and green technology is a key driver of OPPO’s strategic vision towards a sustainable future. Sustainable development, now emerging as a need to sustain the future of humanity, is essential for growth and requires considerable long-term commitment. Innovative digital transformation is one of the key enablers towards a sustainable future.

Sustainability has always been inherent in our strategic vision, complemented by our priority of innovating and providing the best possible products and services to our users. Chief Executive Officer Tony Chen explains this succinctly: sustainability. In doing so, we also look forward to working with partners across the industry to create a better future for people around the world. ”

This February, we released the 2021 OPPO Sustainability Report, highlighting the company’s achievements in integrating sustainability and eco-friendly concepts throughout the product lifecycle. As a proactive effort to protect the environment, OPPO adopts more environmentally friendly packaging design and promotes the use of lightweight, reusable, recyclable and degradable packaging in the design process. About 45% of our packaging is now made from recycled fibers, made from recycled waste paper and plants such as sugarcane and bamboo.

OPPO’s product durability is enhanced by a self-developed innovation called the Battery Health Engine, which extends battery life. This technology allows the battery to maintain 80% capacity after up to 1600 charge/discharge cycles. With this groundbreaking eco-hi innovation, OPPO helps reduce e-waste and extend the life of smartphones by delivering optimal performance.

OPPO SuperVoc Flash Charging revolutionized the industry by introducing the first fast charging technology for smartphones, improving the charging experience for 220 million users worldwide. The technology continues to drive innovation and adoption of fast-charging technology by licensing over 1,800 patent licenses to third-party manufacturers for implementation in their products.

As part of its sustainability measures, OPPO has already established a product recycling system and offers trade-in services in domestic and international markets to promote the recycling and reuse of used mobile phones. More than 1.2 million mobile phones have been recycled in China so far, equivalent to more than 216 tons of e-waste. In the European Union and other regions, OPPO provides financial support to local recycling systems, participates in the Green Dot recycling program for packaging waste, and cooperates with professional third-party recycling companies.

Apart from our commitment to environmental protection, we have long taken several measures that contribute to sustainable development, focusing on key areas such as digital inclusion, health and wellbeing, and youth empowerment. This is demonstrated with the development of a colorblind enhancement feature that offers 766 display profiles, providing a personalized solution for people with colorblindness.

This year, we announced a custom content campaign created by National Geographic. The campaign is to capture Iceland’s unique sights and landscapes in challenging low-light conditions.
To move towards a sustainable future, OPPO remains committed to adopting innovative green technology solutions to enhance its products and services. We are determined and excited to continue to forge our own paths and find forward-thinking inspiration so that we can all innovate, build and design to deliver the best product experience for our customers.

Lucy Aziz is Senior PR and Communications Manager at OPPO GCC.

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