Energy outage? EU has an emergency plan for states and citizens

The European Commission has developed an emergency plan in the event of an energy outage. According to the Spanish daily El Pais, the committee will announce its plans on May 18.

The plan includes some actions EU member states should take in the worst-case scenario of Russia’s hydrocarbon influx stopping before Europe finds a sufficient alternative supply.

The plan is reported to be based on supply safety regulations that have been in force since 2017 and can be extended to oil under certain conditions. In this case, in parallel with the process at the organizational level, a campaign to reduce energy consumption by both citizens and the state has been launched.

The data and research provided by the International Energy Agency are not used in it.

according to Greek language media Citing the El País report, the implementation of these emergency measures, if deemed necessary, will reduce daily oil consumption as follows:

The numbers correspond to thousands of barrels of daily oil savings

  • Work from home (up to 3 days a week) – One day of work from home is 170,000 barrels less.
  • Car sharing with others and gentle (economical) driving – 470 barrels less
  • Reduced highway speed limit (more than 10 km / h) – 430 barrels less
  • No car in city Sunday – 380 barrels less
  • Mild – Economical Trucking – 320 Barrels Less
  • Limit the number of air travel for business purposes – 260 barrels less
  • Public transport, biking, walking use – 330 barrels less
  • Alternative car access in the city (1 or last digit of license) – 210 barrels less
  • Use trains instead of planes – 40 fewer barrels

The first reaction to the plan was on a Greek TV channel: how taverns and tourism work if people aren’t allowed to use their car on Sundays …

Meanwhile, Ukraine announced while the EU is preparing to cut its natural gas supply to countries where Russia is not paying rubble.

On a mild late spring weekend, they sit in a sunny park and make plans for peace between Ukraine and Russia, while PS EU engineers are preparing packages of sanctions one after another. I was able to do that. # Just say Energy outage? EU has an emergency plan for states and citizens

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