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England faces the absence of hospital staff as Covid-19 surges

Covid’s absence of hospital staff has more than doubled in a month, according to data released yesterday, as the virus surge puts a strain on beds. According to NHS England, the number of hospital staff ill or self-isolated due to the virus increased from 11,375 on 29 November to 24,362 on 26 December.
“The rapidly increasing absenteeism of staff” is in line with “the highest number of patients in 10 months,” warned National Health Director Stephen Powis. The number of patients hospitalized in Covid, UK, reached 11,898 on Wednesday, the highest level since early March, an increase of 40% in a week. “The full size of the rising Omicron case is not yet known,” Powis admitted. “The NHS is on the foothold of the war and the staff remains prepared for the worst.”
The United Kingdom is one of the most devastating countries in Europe, with 148,421 deaths. The NHS England has already begun construction of a temporary field hospital to reduce the possibility of inpatient flooding if major hospital beds are full. We plan to use existing hospital facilities such as gyms and education centers to make 4,000 “super surge beds” available. We are also trying to free hospital beds by sending medically qualified patients to long-term care facilities, hospice, and even hotels.
Despite the surge in incidents, Prime Minister Boris Johnson chooses not to increase virus suppression during British celebrations, unlike other delegated governments in the UK region, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Did. The Prime Minister is focused on encouraging the public to take up booster jabs that have been administered to more than 33 million people so far. In a New Year’s Eve message, he urged people to “make it your New Year’s decision-much easier than losing weight or keeping a diary.”
UK medical regulator MHRA has also announced that it has approved Pfizer’s new antiviral drug for people over the age of 18.
The Paxlovid pill for high-risk people with Covid was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration last week for people over the age of 12. Pfizer says clinical trials have shown that pills reduce hospitalization and mortality in people at risk by almost 90%.
Earlier this month, the UK government announced that it had signed an agreement with Pfizer’s Pax Rovid to purchase more than 4 million courses from US rival Merck / MSD’s Molnupiravir.
The risk of hospitalization for the Omicron variant of coronavirus is about one-third that of the Delta variant, according to a UK analysis of more than one million cases of both types in recent weeks. In the UK, cases of Covid-19 caused by highly infectious variants of Omicron are on the rise, with 189,846 cases recorded daily on Friday.
While hospitalizations began to increase, the government said it believed the new variety was milder than the Delta variety. The number of patients requiring mechanical ventilation is also stable until December, unlike the previous peak of the pandemic.
The analysis was published by the UK Health and Security Agency after analyzing 528,176 omicron cases and 573,012 delta cases in collaboration with the University of Cambridge MRC Biostatistics Unit. We also found that the vaccine works well against Omicron.
“In this analysis, the risk of hospitalization for Omicron cases with symptomatic or asymptomatic infections after two and three doses of the vaccine was low, and after three doses compared to unvaccinated Omicron cases. The risk of hospitalization is reduced by 81%, “UKHSA said.
Susan Hopkins, UKHSA’s chief medical adviser, said the analysis was consistent with other promising signs of Omicron, but said medical services could still suffer from such high infection rates. rice field. “It’s too early to draw definitive conclusions about hospital severity, and the increased infectivity of Omicron and the growing population of the UK over the age of 60 could put significant pressure on the NHS in the coming weeks. It means high, “she said.
A daily data update on Friday showed that 12,395 patients using Covid-19 in UK hospitals increased from 11,542 on Thursday and continue to rise. However, this number is well below the January peak of over 34,000.

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