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Enhanced security for Microsoft Defender to support Google Cloud

Microsoft has expanded its products to detect and monitor security weaknesses in cloud computing, including Alphabet’s Google Cloud Platform.

Microsoft Defender for cloud will include support for Google Cloud starting Wednesday, three months after adding support for Amazon products. Microsoft, which sells Azure, used an open programming interface to connect to its competitors, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, to provide cybersecurity services.

Customers are increasingly using multiple cloud platforms and different products to protect and monitor them. There are so many different products from cybersecurity companies as well as Microsoft, Amazon and Google that can be difficult for security professionals to track down. In an interview, Vasu Jakkal, vice president of security, compliance and identity at Microsoft, said hackers can launch attacks on the seams of various cybersecurity products. With the rise of damaging cyberattacks, Microsoft wants to make it simpler and better protect its customers.

“Today, most customers are using AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, different workloads, and their own security solutions. “She says. “Think of a security officer sitting in a security operations center and seeing these alerts on this glass plate. They are dealing with three or more people.”

Although Microsoft did not work directly with its competitors to build its products, Jakkal said the company generally sees security as an area where it wants to work with its rivals to secure mutual customers. In a recent Microsoft survey, 83% of business leaders cited “managing multi-cloud complexity as the biggest problem in 2022.”

Microsoft is trying to track attacks, help customers respond, and expand their security software business.

Last year, software giants acquired several small security companies, which announced last month that security software sales reached $ 15 billion in 2021, up nearly 45% year-on-year. Last year, Microsoft appointed former Amazon.com cloud executive Charlie Bell to oversee security efforts, saying that 3,500 employees are working to protect customers “from chip to cloud.”

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