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Ennahda party claims officials have been detained

The party said that Tunisian security forces had detained senior officials from the largest party in the suspended parliament for the first time since President Kais Saied took control in July.
Moderate Muslim Nafda, who accused the coup of freezing parliament and accumulating power, said plain-clothes agents seized Nureddin Billi yesterday morning and took him away.
It called the arrest a dangerous precedent that might foresee a slip into tyranny.
The Home Office said it had made a decision on house arrest allowed under a state of emergency necessary to maintain public security, without naming Bhiri or mentioning individual events.
Bhiri’s wife, Saedaal-Akrimi, told Shams FM Radio that security agencies had kidnapped him.
Mohammed El Hadfi, head of the Tunis Bar Association, said the state had to reveal the whereabouts of Billi at the same station.
Sayed promised to uphold the rights and freedoms gained in the 2011 revolution in Tunisia, which brought about democracy and caused the Arab Spring uprising across the region, but abandoned the 2014 democratic constitution. In which he empowered to govern by law during the transition period, he will provide a new constitution for the referendum.
Nafda, who has the highest number of seats in the suspended parliament, was banned before the revolution, but has since become the most consistently influential party and a member of successive coalition governments. For years, support for the party has diminished.
It was first voted in the 2019 parliamentary elections, but received far fewer votes than last year.
Since Sayed’s July intervention, several senior politicians and business leaders have been detained and legally charged, often including cases of corruption and defamation. Rights groups have criticized some of these arrests and the use of military courts to hear such cases.
However, campaigns to arrest Sayed and other opposition critics have not been widespread, and state news agencies continue to report unfavorable news.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707229/Ennahda-party-claims-senior-official-detained Ennahda party claims officials have been detained

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