Ennoconn sees record orders in key business sectors

Ennocon Chairman Steve Chu. Credit: DIGITIMES

Taiwan-based Ennoconn is posting record orders across its three main business lines, with no signs of slowing orders, and the company’s chairman, Steve Chu, said he expects the second half of 2022 and even 2023. We also expect clear high double-digit growth in

Towards the second half of 2022, with known logistics and production schedules, Ennoconn’s book-to-billing ratio (BB ratio) reached a level of 1.15-1.18 in the third quarter.

Ennoconn also has plans for the long-term development of its individual businesses. The company’s factory in Budapest, Hungary, is set to boost the Group’s earnings growth from August onwards. In addition, ESaaS (Ennoconn solution as a service), which focuses on the integration of hardware, software, cloud, and Internet, will continue to be rolled out as part of the streamlined services of the cloud on premises integration business, aiming to add a powerful solution. I’m here. driving force of the company’s growth.

Nelson Tsai, President of Ennoconn, noted that the company had early deployments in the industrial and zero-emission metaverse. With software and hardware technology and cloud on-premises integration leveraging Google Cloud, we have been able to deploy energy-saving and zero-carbon his-emission solutions such as smart buildings and smart-his cloud platforms. Starting in 2023, subscription service revenues from businesses will begin to pile up. Although the business is still in its early stages, he is expected to contribute over NT$5 billion (US$16.67 million) in 2023.

Regarding the future development strategy, Chu pointed out that without the investment/acquisition phase from 2014 to 2018, it will not be able to lay the foundation for future development or involve strong shareholders. Over the years Ennoconn has developed hardware product/platform designs that he has integrated into the IoT. The next step is the cloud He will work on platform standardization, modularization and introduction to all applications, aiming to become an all-round service provider.

Sales and earnings in the second half of the year will maintain their growth momentum, the company said. He maintains growth targets for 2021-2025 for sales and profits, as well as medium- and long-term development targets. Although the global economy is currently being adversely affected by inflation and rising interest rates, the profit margin target for the second half is still at a higher point than the average for the first half. Ennoconn sees record orders in key business sectors

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