Entrepreneurs connect new parents with parents who will soon become parents

The network regularly hosts “Let’s Talk” meetings and informal gatherings of “Let’s Meet” to keep parents from feeling lonely on their way to becoming parents.

The entrepreneurial network has chosen a quiet and relaxing environment for the first “meet”. It’s a small, safe shaded playground near the Princess Grace Rose Gardens. It’s noon. Parents and toddlers arrive. This is an opportunity for newborns and toddlers to play toys and games on the ground, and for adults to meet and talk.

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Among our parents, we met Sarah and Maeva: the mother of two young residents. Sarah is the mother of a four-month-old boy, and she discovered the network on June 1st, thanks to her first “Let’s talk” in the Principality. At a conference on her postnatal theme, experts spoke to inform the audience about this unique stage from her birth to her first menstrual period.

Sarah, Maeva and her little girl, Swan – © Camille Esteve / Monaco Tribune

“I didn’t feel lonely, I wanted to listen, get hints, and talk to other parents,” Sara explains. “I could only find things in Nice, but it’s far away and hard to reach. (…)” Let’s talk “in Monaco is very well organized and a lot. There was a testimony, an expert … you don’t feel like you are yourself. “

We will be parents, not natural parents

Johanna Dammer

On her side, Maeva, the mother of a three-year-old son and a five-month-old daughter, nods. She couldn’t get to “Let’s talk” but is pleased that her topic was taken up. “Thankfully, there is an entrepreneurial network. In Monaco, it’s hard to find a place to talk. Thanks to the network, you can talk to others and feel at ease … for example, the postpartum period. Is complex, thanks to entrepreneurs, sharing feelings, getting information, and not being shy. (…) Moreover, it’s really “kid-friendly”. “

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Real encounter

The conference is designed for young parents, it’s true. Children’s playgrounds, pregnant women’s blast balls … Each network-sponsored event is designed to give everyone peace of mind when approaching their parents. And it is no exaggeration to say that the first “let’s talk” was successful!

Johanna Damar, President of the Entreparents Network, testified: There were many children as well as moms, pregnant women, dads, grandparents and professionals. (…) People needed information and the experts in attendance were able to answer questions from the audience. The idea is to build our village during pregnancy. We are parents, not our natural parents. “

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And, in order to give the best guidance to young parents, the “Let’s talk” and “Let’s meet” events are set to grow. Three “let’s talk” nights are already scheduled for the first Monday of October, November and December. These meetings are charged and network members are given preferential rates to cover education, child development and sleep. These will be held at Club des Résidents Etrangers de Monaco (CREM) and sponsored by Papyrus Institut.

We may be able to work with the Red Cross of Monaco to address other more sensitive issues, such as perinatal bereavement and disability. This allows the parents involved to listen and feel supported.

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On the other hand, the “Let’s Meet” event is held every two months not only in Monaco but also in neighboring municipalities and remains free by appointment. “We are confident that we have a truly valuable treasure in our parents’ experience. These” meet “events allow parents to meet and connect with each other. .. We always try to attend professionals so that we can provide supportive ears to our parents, ”explains Johanna.

Finally, “Let’s play” will increase. More “fun” events, such as Easter and Halloween, are more focused on family fun than talking.

Virtual chat

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At the heart of the Entreparents concept is a mobile app that allows community members to connect to each other 24/7 and connect to surrounding services whenever they need them. Thanks to grants from the Cuomo Foundation and the Prince’s Government, this application should be available on a variety of platforms in the fall of 2022.

A big challenge for the four mothers who founded the network. For some time, true super-mama-style Johanna was able to easily answer our questions while taking care of her 3-year-old son, Louis. Application development is a completely different fish kettle. “Thanks to Allianz, we were able to develop the prototype. Thanks to Carlo Technologies as well as Hamache-Salmon. Today, Antoine Bari [founder of Carlo App – ed.] We help us and gently teach us about 100% technical aspects. It is important that four of us act as mothers and be surrounded by the right people. Entreparents is a collaborative project that has been developed from day 1 in the spirit of collaborative construction. “

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Whether in real life or on the Internet, the Entreparents network has only one goal. To ensure that all parents and future parents since Monaco feel involved and supported. concentration. Very nice, but sometimes exhausted. And while it may seem endless at some point, we want to help parents in the community get the most out of every moment with their families. Yes, time goes by very fast and this transition stage is invaluable! “

You can also connect to the network using Facebook or Instagram. @entreparents account.

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