Environment Minister admits that Maya Train lacks permission

Environment Minister Maria Luisa Arboles admitted on Monday that the four sections of the Maya Train Railroad Project have not been given final environmental approval.

She said sections 4, 5, 6 and 7 had only provisional approval, which allowed her to proceed with construction. Law issued by President Lopez Obrador In November.

The decree urges government agencies to grant provisional permits and permits to projects subject to public interest and national security in up to five business days to ensure timely implementation.

At a regular press conference at Lopez Obrador, Arboles said sections 1, 2 and 3 of the 1,500-kilometer railroad have received solid environmental approval. They are the sections of Palenque-Escalsega, Escalsega-Calcini, and Calkini-Izamal.

The Minister of the Environment then acknowledged that the other four sections had only provisional approval. They are the sections of Izamal-Cancun, Cancun-Tulum, Tulum-Chetumal, Chetumal-Escárcega.

Environment Minister Maria Luisa Arboles spoke at the Presidential Meeting on Monday morning on environmental issues related to Maya Train.

“What happened was that there was a decree issuing a provisional permit on November 22, 2021,” Albores said. “That doesn’t mean … technical research. [and] No statement has been made regarding the impact on the environment, “she said.

However, it is unclear when these studies required to be given full environmental approval will be completed...

Arboles, the country’s leading environmental official, defended the company’s ability to work on a US $ 10 billion project while environmental research is being conducted. She said the National Tourism Promotion Fund, which manages ambitious projects, has experts in the field of monitoring rail work to ensure that it does not adversely affect the environment.

“We are talking about over 100 professionals in the area [where the railroad is being built].. … They are a brigade that does everything related to caring for the environment, ”she said.

Arboles Significant opposition to the South of Section 5Runs between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, but apparently claimed to be working earlier Judge interrupted work Due to environmental issues and lack of permission.

Protesters, whom Lopez Obrador called “pseudo-environmentalists,” made a lot of turmoil, but that didn’t mean they stopped working, she said.

Opponents of Playa del Carmen-Tulum Stretch blame the clearing of forest areas without an environmental permit, Irreversible damage warning To the flora and fauna and underground rivers of Quintana Roo.

Arboles said on Monday that “only 300,000 trees” would be cut down to give way to a highly controversial section, followed by the government’s reforestation and employment program, Senbrand Vida. life).

The Minister of the Environment argued that it was legal to work in the Maya Train section without explicit environmental approval, but given the AMLO infrastructure legislation, National Autonomous University scholars took a different view earlier this year. I did.

Ana Esther Ceceña, a scholar at the University’s Institute of Economic Research, told the news website. Animal Politico In late March, you must complete the environmental impact statement before you can start working on the various Maya Train sections.

“It’s by law and can’t be a provisional permit,” she said. “… they haven’t done research on land or the environment, or even research on economic feasibility. They haven’t done them in advance, they’re doing them on the spot,” Chechnya said. Told.

Lopez Obrador, who consistently denies that railroad projects are harmful to the environment and advertises the economic benefits they bring, on March 31st, Maya, one of his leading infrastructure projects. Claimed that all environmental permits have already been issued for the train project.However Animal Politico I ran a fact check on the assertion and declared it false.

In the report from Mirenio When Animal Politico Environment Minister admits that Maya Train lacks permission

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