Environmental alerts have been lifted in Mexico City


In the capital, the weather will be warmer, but it has not yet rained, so ozone pollution will be higher during this time.

Authorities urged residents to reduce gas usage as the “ozone season” arrives in the capital

Phase 1 environmental alert Activated in Mexico City on Monday Due to high levels of ozone contamination, it was lifted Wednesday at 8 pm.

The Megalopolis Environmental Commission (CAMe) said the ozone concentration had dropped due to the reduced strength of the high-pressure system in the Valley of Mexico.

Its development promoted ventilation and promoted the diffusion of ozone, a pollutant that can cause and exacerbate various respiratory conditions.

CAMe warned that during the “ozone season” of warm and dry weather before the annual rainy season, “the intensity and movement of high-pressure meteorological systems may change constantly, causing new increases in ozone concentration.” ..

The Commission also stated that other weather conditions could promote the accumulation of ozone generated as a result of the emission of nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons. As a result, we called on residents of the metropolitan area of ​​Mexico City to avoid using cars as much as possible.

By reducing the number of vehicles on the road, you can minimize the risk of worsening air quality to poor or very poor conditions on Thursday.

He pointed out that the highest temperature in the capital on Thursday was 29 degrees Celsius, and that “high solar radiation” that helps the formation of ozone is predicted.

In addition to calling on residents of Mexico City to reduce vehicle use, CAMe advised. Capitalinos Avoid the use of solvent-containing products such as aerosols and paints, repair gas leaks at home, take a short shower and use a pan with a lid for cooking to reduce gas usage.

In the report from Mirenio Environmental alerts have been lifted in Mexico City

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